A lab report of forces being in equilibrium Essay Sample

The intent of this lab was to understand equilibrium. To make this. you must happen the equilibrant of the end point of three vectors. both mathematically and diagrammatically and prove the consequences.


A ) Put the weights necessary for each of the vector forces on each hook.

B ) Set the wheels of the force tabular array at the proper angles. including the deliberate equilibrant.

C ) When puting the maulers on the wheels. be careful to keep the tabular array in topographic point so it does non toss over.

D ) To prove. unscrew the prison guard in the center of the board. If nil moves. the system is in equilibrium.

Tocopherol ) Test the mathematically deliberate vectors the same manner the graphical 1s were tested reiterating Stairss A-D

Mistake Analysis:

Mistakes can happen in this lab in both roll uping informations and in proving. While diagrammatically roll uping informations. it is easy to non be precise given the swayer and protractor given. To repair this. a swayer and protractor with good preciseness are needed. Besides. it is of import to utilize a big graduated table in order to decrease mistake because most swayers merely have millimetres. When ciphering the equilibrant mathematically. it is of import to look into all work and utilize a reckoner because if one mistake is made. a batch of of import informations could be

While proving. it is possible to hold the wrong sum of weight on the maulers. It is of import to cognize that each hook contributes to the mass so that the pupil will non set on more weight than necessary. Another mistake that can happen while proving is throwing the system off because the tabular array was non held in topographic point while all the weights were being hooked

To repair this. you should inquire for aid while seting weights on. Finally. it is of import to do certain the angles are in the right place so the system will be in equilibrium. To forestall the possibility of wrong angles. it is of import to duplicate look into the system before the prison guard is unscrewed.


In this lab. equilibrium is the chief thought. Equilibrium is a status in which all the forces in a system counteract each other. When adding vectors. equilibrium can be showed by a representative force. called an equilibrant. The equilibrant is the same magnitude of the attendant force. but the equilibrant has the opposite way of the end point. This lab proves that the equilibrant counteracts the forces of three other vectors by proving informations found by both graphing and ciphering x- and y- co-ordinates. Each method has advantages and disadvantages in this lab. For illustration. a mathematical solution has less opportunity for mistake. but can be a boring procedure. Graphing shows a theoretical account to scale. but can do many mistakes. For this lab. it is most appropriate to utilize a mathematical solution.

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