A personal christian worldview Essay Sample

I believe that God created the existence. What exists now came into being by the intricate design of an infinitely artistic Creator. The Bible obviously tells us that “In the beginning God created the Eden and the earth” ( Genesis 1:1. KJV ) . In my head. there is no room for contention.

Some. notably evolutionists. would claim that the existence is a merchandise of accident. Many evolutionists claim that the existence resulted from a mammoth detonation in outer infinite before there was an outer infinite. This position. nevertheless. does non mensurate up to scientific discipline. In order for the sort of detonation that evolutionists claim to take topographic point. there must be a chemical such as H nowadays to light the detonation. If H were at that place to detonate. the H would hold to hold been created by person or something. This theory of “atheistic evolution” is. hence. non logical.

Some evolutionists advance one of several theories known as “theistic development. ” One fluctuation of this theory states that God is the “Creator” of the existence in that He guided its evolutionary procedure. This thought. excessively. fails to mensurate up to the grounds. If development of any signifier were true. so the dodo record would demo 1000000s of transitional signifiers in every bed of geological stratum. However. no such transitional signifier has of all time been found. This deficiency of scientific and palaeontological grounds lends support to my decision that Creation is the lone logical theoretical account for how the existence came into being. Suffice it to state. I believe what the Bible says about Creation is the absolute truth.

The Bible says further refering Creation that “ . . . God created adult male in his ain image. in the image of God created he him. male and female created he them” ( Genesis 1:27. KJV ) . Human life. created in God’s image. has great intrinsic worth. There is no higher life signifier on Earth than that of human existences. Worlds can believe. experience and associate to their environments in ways that no animate being can. The intrinsic worth of a homo is based wholly on the fact he is made in the really image of God. The Creator chose to organize a animal from dust. and inculcate into this animal some little part of His very kernel. This shows us the enormous value of humanity. . The worth of humanity is such an of import consideration. If we consider human life valuable. so we will make what we can to widen that life when a disease comes. Otherwise. a life could be shortened. If a adult male considers his family’s lives of import. he will work to supply nutrient and necessities for them. If he does non. his household may lose their place. and rather perchance starve.

What about the inquiry of significance? Is at that place a point to life? I believe that there is. The bigger image of human history is God demoing His grace to sinful unworthy world. He had already showed His might and glorification by making the existence. He had shown His wisdom in making the angels. But God had no mercantile establishment to show one of the properties that was nighest and dearest to His bosom. that of grace. So. God created adult male. Man. through His ain free will. take to transgress. therefore interrupting off family between Himself and God. God did non coerce adult male to make this. but He allowed Him to make it. To do a long narrative short. Christ’s decease on the Cross made possible a Restoration of the family between God and adult male that had been lost in Eden. The significance of life is for adult male to hold family with His Godhead. Life is worth the life. Life would be unpointed were it non for the restored family between God and adult male made possible by the Cross.

I believe that every human being. while prone to transgress. does hold within himself a scruples. a sense that some things are right and some things are incorrect. This position can be substantiated by the sense of apprehension person feels as he is about to make something he knows is incorrect. This feeling could be interpreted as fright of being caught. A fright of being caught translates into a fright of confronting the effects of go againsting the moral codification of a parent. instructor. or authorities functionary. Another indicant is the guilt a individual feels after he has violated his scruples. If there is no right and incorrect. if there are no absolutes. why experience guilty about taking a whiff of marihuana? Why experience guilty about robbing a convenience shop or killing a adult male?

However. this scruples can be comparative to the person’s fortunes. upbringing. and civilization. and hence can non be relied on as absolute truth. Consequently. a higher moral truth must be sought that that which is found in cultural norms. societal strong beliefs. and the dictates of one’s scruples. This higher moral truth must be absolute and independent from human deformation. The lone beginning that fits these standards is the Word of God. The truths contained in the Bible are the kernel of my personal morality. I arrived at this personal morality in the first topographic point through old ages of direction from my parents. church leaders. and other Godly grownups. However there came a clip when I had to do this morality my ain. I did this through many personal failures. and supplication and speculation on God’s Word.

There is hope for life after decease. Merely as the Word of God enter how life began on Earth. so it explains what happens to persons when their lives end. I believe that the Creative God is besides the Redemptive God. If an single accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. that single experienceS the ageless Eden of Heaven when he dies. However. if that same person either culls or disregards to accept Christ. he will see the ageless anguish of snake pit after decease. The lone manner to hold true hope is to believe in Jesus Christ’s substitutionary decease on the Cross for redemption. There are no complicated regulations with which to follow. Salvation is an highly easy procedure. Therefore. there is no demand to oppugn whether or non you will travel to heaven when you die. This is the footing for true hope.

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