African Americans In The Early 1900’s Essay Sample

In the beginning of the 20th century the African Americans of the United States were treated below the belt. to inhumane extremes. with Acts of the Apostless so barbarous that they would mark Americans for decennaries to come. During these old ages. Americans were about a different civilization than the Americans of today. With old ages of subjugation. authorities sponsored segregation. corruptness in most all of the systems of authorities. and big groups of brainsick racialist. the America for African Americans so. was barely even a existent gustatory sensation of what America should be to every citizen.

With Torahs in the state. such as the Jim Crow Torahs. which could hold merely been put in to consequence for the intent of degrading and publically mortifying the African Americans they were directed at. The Torahs themselves were a smack in the face to the thoughts of democracy. which America was founded on. When a jurisprudence is in consequence that says. you must come in a edifice though a different door than people of other races. no affair which door you wish to come in though. and you can be arrested and convicted of a offense if you don’t ; it is evident that the Jim Crow Torahs. could merely hold been put into consequence to abash African Americans. These Torahs are non in anyhow. a portion of democracy that Americans today know as. numbering each individual as an equal with rights. The Jim Crow Torahs were a entire violation of the rights of African American. Who is to state. that the adult male beside you can imbibe from this fountain but you must imbibe from another fountain. which in most likely non every bit good kept or good cleaned. and for no other ground but that you have different tegument colourss a thing which you control no more than. which manner the air current will blow. If this was of all time considered. to be any signifier of democracy it must hold been a ill clip for the state.

The secret of segregation was for the white people with power to take the rights and privileges of the Africans American without power. and to maintain the African Americans scared for their life if they spoke out against it. One manner this was done. was the rights to vote for African American work forces were made hard to obtain. thorough doing and convicting guiltless work forces of offenses or bear downing expensive revenue enhancements or fees to register to vote. The Whites thought. if we keep the African Americans scared they’d ne’er fight against the system of segregation ; this the function the violent racialist played the in the “keeping in place” of African Americans. through highly violent Acts of the Apostless on African Americans. many of which did nil wrong in the first topographic point. Such tactics were used to halt African Americans from talking or moving out against the society that is suppressing them. It is difficult to even believe that the same Constitution is protecting our rights to this twenty-four hours.

Who is the individual responsible for drawing our state from the high racial period of the early 20th century? It was non one individual who did this tremendous undertaking. but the work of many work forces and adult females who were both white and black. One of the most celebrated adult females of the civil rights motion was Rosa Parks. we all certainly know of how she didn’t give up her place on a coach in unintegrated Alabama in the beginnings of the civil rights motion. but most people didn’t cognize she was working closely with the NAACP for many old ages before the twenty-four hours of her celebrated coach drive. Martin Luther King Jr. was another strong voice for the civil rights motion. which I am certain we are all cognizant of. but it is less known that he was in the Montgomery. Alabama country working with Rosa Parks before he became to be nationally celebrated. Before the terminal of the civil rights conflict the Supreme Court was to be the best ally for the African Americans of the United States. The Supreme Court finally overturned all of the nation’s segregation Torahs holding them unconstitutional.

The though of the democracy. that some many Americans love today for it’s diverseness. is the same democracy that one time had the atrocious Torahs of segregation. It is about a ill feeling. to believe that such an unfairness was at one clip non merely legal but supported by the citizens of the United States.

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