Alice In Wonderland Essay Sample

In Lewis Carroll’sAlice’s Adventures In Wonderland. reveries make a important impact on Alice’s life. As Alice reverie. she is in fact larning of import lessons that help her alteration and grow–actually mature. The subject that every experience. whether existent or imagined. contributes to one’s adulthood is brought out through word picture and symbolism in the novel. Through direct word picture. one learns about Alice and her alone experiences. Carroll takes the reader on a roller-coaster drive of Alice’s escapades through her luxuriant dreams. Alice is described in the novel as being really vernal. Though it is obvious that she is truly immature. she is deceasing to turn up. She is an eight twelvemonth old that hates being eight. so she tends to woolgather so that she feels more mature and up to par with her older. and sometimes wiser. household. She tries to accommodate to her milieus. Even when people aren’t around she tries to move proper and attempts to speak sophisticated ; for illustration. when she was falling down the coney hole. she made remarks on what longitude and latitude she could be at ( Carroll 20 ) though she had no hint what longitude or latitude meant.

Besides utilizing direct word picture. Dodgson shows Alice turning into an grownup when she takes charge at the test in chapter 12. In this chapter. the Knave is on test for stealing prostitutes. After doing speedy judgement without any grounds. the queen rapidly orders “off with his caput. ” ( Carroll 116 ) Alice tells her that it is “stuff and nonsense” ( Carroll 116 ) so. after reasoning with the queen. Alice asks. “who attentions for you? You’re nil but a deck of cards” ( Carroll 116 ) . This statement shows how Alice matures to stand up for what she believes in. She doesn’t allow anyone run over her or anyone else. particularly people in power like the queen.

An illustration of symbolism in the novel is when Alice grows taller and taller “Now I’m opening out like the largest telescope that of all time was! Goodbye pess! ” ( Carroll 26 ) . By this. Dodgson seems to be utilizing her growing as her turning up or boding her shortly to be adulthood.

Another illustration of symbolism would be during the Mad-Tea Party chapter. There Alice converses with the Mad Hatter. March Hare. and the dormouse. She finds that clip is stopped at that place because the Hatter and Time were in a battle. At the terminal of this chapter. the Mad Hatter gets rude with Alice. After being insulted by the deficiency of regard shown by the Mad Hatter. Alice leaves ( Carroll ( 74-75 ) . This could be typifying how when she was faced with a determination whether to remain and be insulted or go forth. clip stopped. Then when she made the determination for herself clip began once more. She matured in doing her ain determinations.

In the stoping chapters. Dodgson shows how Alice has gotten bold by experiences. After covering with the boisterous company of Wonderland. Alice ends up larning that the best manner to manage the people in Wonderland is by allowing them cognize she would non be run over. Thus–She matured. Alice was shown turning as she made a determination to travel down the coney hole. calculating out how to acquire into the garden by herself. and even seeking to assist the Knave acquire off inexperienced person in the tribunal instance. ( Carroll 20. 75-76. 116 ) All of these ways show Alice maturing and larning how to acquire what she wants in life. Wisdom like this lone comes with experience–as does adulthood.

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