Amusement Parks Essay

At Six Flags on Friday July 19. 2013 a adult female was siting the Texas Giant rollercoaster when she fell out of her restraints. Carmen Brown. a informant. says that the adult female had asked the staff to look into her restraints shortly before the drive was get downing. The gentleman that she had asked asked the adult female if she heard the restraints chink. the adult female responded stating it didn’t sound like everyone else’s. The gentleman so. coolly. told her that every bit long as it clicked it was O.K. .

Nothing else was of all time done to guarantee the woman’s restraints were secure. Some informants have reported that as the rollercoaster was doing a bend the adult female was thrown out. The name of the victim and any farther information has non been released. It is suspected that the adult female was with her boy. When the train had returned from the drive. it was reported that two people were shouting. one was shouting “My mom” “My mom” . The rollercoaster staff parked the train far plenty off from the platform so no 1 was allowed acquire off of the train. World Wide Web. dallasnews. com

Due to the traumatic experience and people fearing the safety of the drives at Six Flags. the company will likely lose a good part of money because people will non desire or go on traveling to their park. This accident has caused an unexpected economic alteration in non merely Six Flags but in all other amusement Parkss every bit good. Society will now hold this negative position on amusement Parkss which means. for a small piece at least. they will non desire to travel to the Parks. This will do the parks income to worsen which can be really bad for the company. particularly for Six Flags. who declared bankruptcy in 2009.

When society loses trust in something they will normally draw back their economic support. go forthing companies with fewer clients. It is of import that companies and organisations remember that they have to maintain the client happy and safe. If non they will no longer hold any clients. The bulk of the people that witnessed the tragic event of the adult female falling to her decease due to a mechanical issue will likely no longer return to the park and they will probably hold a big influence on their friends and household to non swear the park every bit good.

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