An Road Accident Essay

It looked as if a storm was nearing. I was standing at a cross-road traffic junction. waiting to traverse the route. I have ever observed that peculiar cross-road to be highly busy. with vehicles invariably on the move. I was headed towards the coach halt across the street. so I turned in the opposite way of the cross-road to see if my coach was coming. As I turned back to hold a expression at the cross-road. I saw a brassy xanthous athleticss auto seeking to crush the ruddy visible radiation. Before I knew it. I heard a deafening heart-stopping clang. The athleticss auto had slammed caput on into a green new wave right in the center of the big intersection. Shattered windscreen glass was strewn all over the junction and the passerby crowded round the scene. I saw one miss hotfooting to the telephone to describe the accident.

For a minute or two. nil happened. Then. a adult male got out of the green new wave. His new wave was wholly smashed in on the side of the hit. He looked jolted and ferocious. He walked over to the yellow auto merely to happen that the driver was unconscious. Some helpful people went to the center of the route to assist the unconscious adult male out of his auto.

The constabulary and the ambulance arrived at about the same clip. They noted down the places of the vehicles and began inquiring for informants to the accident. I volunteered to give some inside informations since I had seen the whole thing. I did non hold clip to believe about losing my coach.

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