Blackberries: Family and Father Essay Sample

Peoples reflect upon their lives seeking to happen out when the age of artlessness has come to an terminal. In the short narrative “Blackberries. ” written by Leslie Norris. such simple events take topographic point. but in truth. alterations one’s life everlastingly. The narrative of a immature male child goes through a series of tests and trials that first seem about at the point of enlightenment. but in the terminal leads him to the rough worlds of life. Norris portrays a great trade of character contrast between the immature boy’s parents and a strong usage of symbolism with the blackberries. while all three characters play a acute function that displays life’s bad lucks and catastrophes.

Artlessness is all there is to the immature male child at first. Everything that surrounds him. the male child does non expose harmful feelings against. nor ill will. but plays with happily to do him experience more cheerful. such as where he gets his first haircut and “moves [ erectile dysfunction ] his fingers against the interior surface of the sheet and made a six with it. and so an eight. ( 23 ) Even “watching the little tufas oh his hair bead lightly on the sheet”¦”amuses him so much. ( 23 ) The male child makes the best out of everything that occurs in his life. He obtains all the good traits of an ideal male child such as forbearance. For the male child “wants [ ed ] his cap really much”¦” Munoz pp. 2 yet “he is non impatient even when she ( his female parent ) meets [ et ] Mrs. Lewis and negotiations [ ed ] her”¦” ( 23 ) The love the male child has for his male parent is profoundly profound. Norris describes a strong common relationship when the male child and his male parent eat dinner. Leslie Norris writes. “The adult male lifted the dry gravy with his knife and fed it to his boy. really carefully raising it into a boy’s oral cavity as if he were feeding a little bird. ” ( 24 ) The immature male child admires such attention that his male parent gives to his kid for he “leans [ ed ] somnolently against his father’s leg. ( 24 ) This is the bond that establishes pure thought in a immature boy’s head. He does non believe of anything else but the love that they portion and the relationship that both male parent and boy physiques.

A different relationship lies between the immature male child and his female parent comparing to the male parent. The male child does demo his love by being obedient and patient to his female parent. but does non make a solid bond with his female parent. The male child is highly quiet while the female parent takes him out for his haircut and takes him shopping. The male child. adhering with his female parent. amuses himself by playing about while being seated as he receives his first haircut. yet he “walks [ ed ] earnestly beside his mother”¦” when they both stroll down to the shopping centre. ( 23 ) In the beginning of the narrative the female parent seemed really overprotective and dominant when doing determinations for the immature male child. The female parent decides how the haircut should be made Munoz pp. 3 for the male child. but at the same clip attempts to be submissive about being the 1 who is dominant over the kid. The statement. “I. my hubby and I”¦”from the female parent decidedly states how the female parent is really governing towards the kid. ( 23 ) The female parent besides seems really mercenary for purchasing such an expensive chapeau for the kid. The kid is really immature. he does non necessitate such stuff that is expensive at such a immature age. Even the idea of the chapeau enduring for a long clip did non happen in the mother’s head. The shop clerk had given the thought to her. In a mercenary point of position. the female parent wants what is best for her boy so she buys the most expensive chapeau in the shop.

An ideal relation between a male child and his male parent is good described in the male parent. The male parent is really caring. honest. and unselfish to his boy and his married woman. He seems non mercenary but down to Earth. He looks at his boy while the male child. “puts [ put ] on his cap and stands [ stood ] before his male parent. certain of the man’s approval” but the male parent stands there non detecting the cap but recognizing how proud he is of his boy. Alternatively of detecting how beautiful and expensive the cap looks on the male child. the male parent thinks about being work forces together and adhering. ( 24 ) The male parent recalls his bonding with his male parent and is go throughing the tradition to his boy trusting that his boy would make the same for his shortly to be grandchildren. The male parent takes him to Fletcher’s Woods where Norris describes the father’s feelings towards the Munoz pp. 4 Forests and how beautiful it seems to the male parent. Norris explains the “shade beneath the trees. and sunlight. thrown in xanthous spots on to the grass. seems [ ed ] to turn out of the grass instead than come from the sky. ( 25 )

The male parent and the son start to go even more closer by picking the blackberries in the shrub and eating them together while express joying. Both the male parent and the boy felt the sweet goodness from the blackberries that held them even tighter than earlier. The blackberries symbolized the relationship the male parent has for his boy. like blackberries. will turn and be passed along to new coevalss. such as freshly grown blackberries. The male parent even thought of the female parent by doing certain they brought some berries place to her came to mind. The male child besides is non selfish for he gives his chapeau to set the berries in to give to his female parent. Both the father’s and the son’s relationship is an ideal relation ship to many kids.

The wrangle between the female parent and the male parent opens the boy’s eyes. He realizes his female parent is selfish. for she is infuriated at the fact that the chapeau was used to take place the blackberries. The female parent does non give clip to the male parent to explicate that the berries are for her. The male child besides does non believe of the cap for he innocently looks at the stained cap. The female parent is so to a great extent concerned about the cap that was bought. she insults the male parent out of her choler. The male parent does non look to be as aggressive for he Munoz pp. 5 supports quiet and provinces that “he [ I ] does [ make ] what he [ I ] can. ” ( 26 ) The male child realizes that his male parent is being put down by his female parent by the key of the mother’s voice. The male child has come to the decision that male parent was merely seeking to make what was best for the household yet the male parent was being put down for that. This incident now opens the boy’s eyes. For he feels the beginning phases of emotional hurting and agony that is brought upon him from his female parent and male parent.

A immature kid so guiltless can go so disturbed by such a little event. The connexion between the male parent and female parent are extremely diverse. The immature male child is a disconnected personality of both the male parent and female parent. so when the statement took topographic point he felt the splitting of the female parent and male parent within himself. Unwittingly. the male child is now stronger for he has experienced such a hurting that will mark him for life.


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