Classroom Behavior Essay Sample

Each different schoolroom has different regulations and behavior scenes in their schoolrooms. The ambiance of the schoolroom has a batch to make with pupil behaviour. The scene of the schoolroom should be appealing to the instructor and in some instances the pupils. All instructors should allow pupils cognize specific do’s and don’ts of the schoolroom. Which behaviours are expected or desired and which will non be tolerated in the category. Ms. Colombara? s regulations are just and respectful to the category. They insist of no nutrient and drinks in the schoolroom but sometimes the instructor bends the regulations and lets pupils rapidly munch down an orange or a little granola saloon. During the schoolroom interruption stay in the category and under no fortunes leave the schoolroom without your pupil enchiridion with you. Absolutely no utilizations of swear words in the schoolroom but some are used when the category is making readings from novels. Treat any instructors on call the same regard. as you would handle a regular staff at Sullivan Heights Secondary.

One of the regulations Ms. Colombara likes to knag at childs is to non to eat or imbibe in the schoolroom. Cipher blames her because there could be some spills or crumbs on the land and no instructor likes to travel as a janitor at the terminal of the category and pick up debris left by the pupils in the schoolroom. The instructor besides doesn? Ts like gum or any type of confect because erstwhile childs leave the gum underneath the desk and that is hideous and gross. Besides some pupils like to set the gum on the land and when a fellow pupil walks with over it. it sticks underneath their shoe and it? s a hurting to clean up. She will merely let H2O merely if it? s in a certain bottle like a H2O bottle or a Gatorade® bottle. something that has a palpebra on it so if it does acquire bumped off the desk nil will slop.

Another regulation Ms. Colombara has that no disgusting linguistic communication or any other inappropriate behaviour in the schoolroom. No disgusting linguistic communication should be used against another member of the category. If pupils do this they will gain them automatic engagement in? Friday? s after school authorship challenge session every bit good. ? If the use of disgusting linguistic communication is really rough and upseting the pupil could be sent to the office with a referral and a call place to the parents. Besides teach T. O. C. with the same regard you would excessively any other instructor. It? s non just for a T. O. C to come to a school and being harassed or taken advantage by the pupils.

During the hebdomadal two-base hit block in Sullivan Heights Secondary. there is a short ten-minute interruption that the instructor allows pupils to acquire a breath of fresh air or merely stretch and walk about. While the ten-minute interruption is in procedure. pupils are than normally allowed to travel to the public toilet and travel for a drink if needed. At no times during the interruption and regular clip is a pupil permitted to go forth the category without subscribing the pupil enchiridion by the instructor. No pupil is able to roll the school premises. If a pupil decides to go forth when the have a T. O. C. than the pupil will be punished and have to compose a 500 word essay on Appropriate Classroom Behaviors. If the pupil keeps on go forthing category without enchiridion there could be a possibility of losing his/her break period.

In decision. Ms. Colombara? s regulations are just and are perfect for the schoolroom. She allows no nutrient or drinks in the schoolroom. Respect fellow schoolmates. the instructor. and yourself by listening to any organic structure that? s speech production at the clip. Make certain that you ne’er of all time take advantage of T. O. C. or any instructors at the school. Ms. Colombara? s regulations are great and if you don? t obey them you will be dealt with serious effects.

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