Compare yourself to a character The Odyssey, Homer Essay Sample

The word mature. by definition. is the outgrowth of personal and behavioural features through growing procedures. In life people mature twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours because of different challenges they have to face. and different lessons that they learn. This thought of maturating is seen all over the universe in legion topographic points. One can happen great illustrations of maturating in literature. In fact. in the book The Odyssey. by Homer. one can see premier illustrations of adulthood through the footfalls of a character named Telemakhos. Telemakhos certainly matures throughout the book merely as I have matured throughout my life therefore far. Telemakhos and I have matured in one similar manner. which is courage with speaking to people that are unfamiliar.

I have. in my 14 old ages turning up. matured in being able to speak to people I’m non familiar with. The manner I’ve broken these frights is merely by holding to confront them. One great illustration comes to mind. In the summer of last twelvemonth. I bought a new four-wheeler or ATV. My male parent certainly helped. but he decided non to do any of the phone calls to the marketer. Therefore I was forced to name the adult male up if I wanted this new machine. I remember the first clip I had to name him. My male parent was about to go forth for dinner with his friends. He was traveling to go forth at 7:00 right after he finished cut downing the lawn. So I sat in our office pacing the floor. and traveling my eyes from the clock to the phone and back. As 7:00 was nearing I became more and more dying for this new four-wheeler meant the universe to me. Finally. with a sudden explosion of bravery. I grabbed the phone. dialed the figure and waited.

As the phone rang. so did my bosom round and I waited for the adult male to pick up. When he did. my voice was a small rickety and panting. but as I talked to the marketer. who turned out to be younger and really polite. I realized what a sap I’ve been for being afraid to speak to unfamiliar people on the phone. By the terminal of our conversation I was at easiness and sword lily that I had merely conquered my fright. I have called the adult male many times since. and with his adept experience and cognition of ATV’s. I’m certain I’ll call him once more. This one short phone call at 7:00 of that summer eventide was a speedy but critical act of maturating in my life. I rapidly broke my fright. merely by traveling through the embarrassment of speaking to a alien. Because of interrupting this fright I’m non so afraid to name a shop. or a instructor. or a miss. or anyone else in life that is necessary to name.

Although my illustration of maturating is much simpler. Telemakhos. from The Odyssey. has a similar act of interrupting a fear by merely traveling through the fright of it. In the book The Odyssey. Telemakhos. is on a journey to happen his male parent. Odysseus. Telemakhos tries to happen his male parent by inquiring different people of high stature. where his male parent may be. His male parent has been gone for approximately 18 old ages so Telemakhos is willing to do an dog-tired hunt. His first halt is in Sandy Pylos. which is on the west seashore of Peloponne Sus. In Pylos. Telemakhos meets the male monarch. Nestor. who may cognize the whereabouts of Odysseus. He interrupts Nestor in the center of a immense banquet and is hence forced to do a public address. sing his male parent. in forepart of the extremely respected Nestor and his people. At first. Telemakhos is really nervous and afraid. He says to Mentor. “Mentor. how can I make it. how can I near him? I have no pattern in luxuriant addresss. and for a immature adult male to interrogate an old adult male seems disrespectful” ( 36. 25-29 ) .

However. Mentor promised he would make good and urged him to be brave. For the interest of his darling male parent. Telemahkos proceeded and rapidly broke through his fright by doing a expansive address to Nestor. In fact his address was so good conducted that Nestor remarked. “your mode of address couldn’t be more like his ( Odysseus ) …No. no male child could talk so well” ( 39. 134-135 ) . With some encouragement from Mentor. Telemakhos faced and broke his fright of speaking to big groups of people. Very similar to how I broke my fright of speaking to unfamiliar people on the phone. with a small encouragement from my male parent. To add to the glorification of interrupting his fright. his talk with those people turned out to be an inspiring address. I’m certain Telemakhos will utilize his great speech production endowment to his advantage more frequently. now that he is non afraid to utilize it. I’m besides sure that his address endowment will assist greatly in his hunt for his wonderful and respected male parent. Odysseus. Just as I broke my fright by confronting it. Telemakhos broke his fright of public addresss by doing a public address. and in the short piece in which he faced his fright. he matured. merely like I did.

In mundane life people mature twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. merely as I matured and merely as Telemakhos. from a celebrated narrative. matured. Telemakhos and I matured by confronting the frights that troubled us and suppressing them caput on. I broke my fright of naming aliens by naming a alien. and Telemakhos broke his fright of public addresss my doing a public address. Although it’s a whole batch easier to merely non confront your fright. and it’s really hard to suppress it. its all for the better. For one time you conquer your fright you don’t have to worry about it and it makes your life that much easier. And each clip one conquers a fright. he or she matures. and maturating is a procedure in life that we can non make without.

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