Critcal Analysis Of Silvia Plath’s “Mad Girl’s Love Song” Essay Sample

“Mad Girl’s Love Song” Critical Analysis The verse form. “Mad Girl’s Love Song” . was written by Sylvia Plath. This verse form has a subject of self-destruction as an flight. The writer. Sylvia Plath. is composing this vocal from her ain personal position. There are many topographic points where the subject of suicide appears in the verse form.

The first stanza of the verse form contains three lines that are repeated throughout the verse form. This stanza is the edifice block for the remainder of the verse form. These lines are connoting that Sylvia feels that she is able to command life and decease. “I shut my eyes. . . “ . represents being afraid and/or tired of something. She is tired of battle with the universe and is afraid of what is go oning to her at this point in her life. So. as an flight from the world of the universe she closes her eyes. Sylvia is stating that merely merely shuting her eyes or concealment does non last everlastingly because when she opens her eyes everything is still the same. “ ( I think I made you up inside my caput ) ” . with this. Sylvia is mentioning to the felicity and normalcy of her ain life. She feels that this has ne’er been a existent portion of her life and therefore she has merely made it up in her caput.

In the 2nd stanza. Sylvia is stating that her life was suddenly taken over by and “arbitrary blackness” . This inkiness she is mentioning to is depression. Following this line is the perennial line. “I shut my eyes and all the universe drops dead” . This is demoing that Sylvia is seeking to get away from her overpowering depression.

The following subdivision of the verse form negotiations about Sylvia’s life and how she wished it had been.

” I dreamed you capture me into bed. and sung me moon-stuck. kissed me rather insane. ” Here Sylvia is wishing her life could hold resembled something of a normal life. Falling in love and being kissed are both normal things people are supposed to see and embroider in. but due to her status she was ne’er able to accomplish this province. “ ( I think I made you up inside my caput ) ” Since Sylvia was finally unsuccessful at populating a hearty life she felt that this was something she had merely dreamed of. She had dreamed of this for so long that she made herself believe it was something she could accomplish. when truly she could non.

In the following stanza of the verse form Sylvia explains how she has no influences in her life. particularly in the manner of faith. “God topples from the sky. hell’s fire slice: ” God and Satan have no significance in her life. “Exit Seraphim and Satan’s work forces: ” These beliefs. good or bad. have left her life. She has been left entirely to make up one’s mind her destiny. Sylvia is indicating out that she has nil to life for and even worse nil to derive from stoping her ain life. “I shut my eyes and all the universe drops dead. ” This line represents suicide. This is stating that she is non desiring to decease to be with God or to be in Hell.

Sylvia wished that she would finally get the better of her depression and turn out of the desperation she was populating in. “I fancied you’d return the manner you said. but I grow old and I forget your name. ” But in fact. her yearning and hunt for her felicity had driven her insane. She had been lost for so long that she didn’t retrieve what it was like to genuinely be happy so therefore she would ne’er be able to place it if she were to recover control of her life. Once once more the line. “ ( I think I made you up inside my caput ) ” is mentioning to the province of insanity that Sylvia Plath had driven herself into.

Finally. in the last subdivision of the verse form. Sylvia provinces “I should hold loved a thunderbird alternatively. at least when spring comes they roar back once more. ” With this statement she is faulting herself for desiring and in the terminal really holding a love for something that was impossible for her to obtain. She feels that she should hold been like the remainder of the universe and take something mercenary to hanker for such as a thunderbird athleticss auto. In this instance. people put these autos off for the winter but she would hold the reassurance that her felicity. her love would ever be at that place to come back to her. The two repetitive lines are seen here to stop the verse form. “I shut my eyes and all the universe drops dead. ( I think I made you up inside my caput ) ”

This clip these lines are seen in the same stanza when before the line incorporating decease was seen after an thought of desperation and the line about imaginativeness was seen in the stanzas that dealt with how her life should hold been. The line. “ ( I think I made you up inside my caput ) ” . is written in parentheses. so hence is something Sylvia is merely recognizing herself but does non desire believe it as being true. So. in uniting these two lines. Sylvia is doing a bold statement that in perpetrating self-destruction she would be able to get away the world of ne’er being able to happen true felicity in life. The rubric “Mad Girl’s Love Song” . when looked after analysing the verse form. is rather clear. It is stating that the love for her felicity drove her to insanity.

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