‘Dawn Shoot’ by Seamus Heaney and ‘Lake Scene’ by David Wright Essay Sample

Choose two texts by different authors which highlight a strong subject which you could place. Name the subject and so travel on to analyze how the authors efficaciously highlight it for you.

Two texts by different writers which highlight a strong subject with which I could place are ‘Dawn Shoot’ by Seamus Heaney and ‘Lake Scene’ by David Wright. The subject of these two verse forms is Man versus Nature.

‘Dawn Shoot’ by Seamus Heaney is a verse form about two work forces. Heaney himself and his friend Donnelly. who go out at the interruption of morning determined for a putting to death. They climb over an Fe gate into a big field of broon. dew and furze. The brace settled on their abdomens. hidden behind a clump of dead workss and awaited the animate beings return. When a fox came into position. Donnelly put his manus over Heaneys’ barrel and told him that he had this one and hit it twice while Heaney finished it off. After they had killed it. they strolled off go forthing it lying in the unfastened.

The subject of ‘Dawn Shoot’ is Man versus Nature. and this is shown throughout the verse form in assorted ways.

The first of these is the manner usage of “military-like” linguistic communication. The first illustration is shown in the really first line where it states. “Clouds ran their wet howitzer. plastered the dawn. ” This look shows that it was a dull miserable. windy. thick Grey forenoon and besides that the work forces were determined to travel out. In stanza one. line eight – line 13. there is a batch of usage of military linguistic communication. For illustration “The rails scored a bull’s-eye into the oculus of a span. ” proposing that the work forces are looking into the distance and the tracks of the span look like they are all unifying together to organize a bull’s oculus. in order to maintain a close oculus out for the enemy. “A cornlake challenged out of the blue like a hoarse sentry” – conveys a guard breathing a loud cry. whereas “a snipe rocketed off on reconnaissance” – likens the bird to a spotter plane.

The work forces themselves are descried in war footings besides. “Rubber – booted. belted. tense as two parachutists” – they seem to be have oning some kind of uniform. and “We climbed the Iron Gate and dropped into the meadow’s six estates. ” This is linked with dropping out a plane. Stanza two begins with. “A flaxen bank. reinforced with gyrating roots” – this look tells us that Nature is seeking to support itself and its animals from slayer – Man. Besides in stanza two the work forces settle down in the filed – “Snug on our abdomens behind a rise of dead gorses. ” and made sure they could see every hole where the animate beings could come in the field – “soon had the holes under screen. ” in stanza three – line three it mentions that “The cook would be sounding wake-up signal in seconds. ” This is a military wake-up call. In the 2nd last line – “The 1s that slipped back when the all clear got unit of ammunition would be the first to analyze him” – conveys that the animate beings would come down from the hillside when they feel it was safe. merely like people in wartime who came out of their shelters.

Another characteristic which highlights the subject of Man versus Nature in ‘Dawn Shoot’ is the fact that the animate beings know what’s traveling on.

The first illustration of this is shown in stanza one. line seven where it says that the cattles were “cudding. watching. and knowing” – This suggests that the cattles were really cognizant of what was approximately to go on. In the last stanza. “A mare whinnied and shivered her haunches up on a hill. ” This tells the reader that the animate being is cognizant of what has merely happened. and is disturbed by the fact that another animate being has been killed.

After the killing the two work forces. Donnelly and Heaney. “dandered off. ” This shows the men’s un-caring attitude about what they have merely done. However now as Heaney looks back on this experience he realises what he did was indurate and shows some compunction. This is revealed in. “the monetary values were little at the clip. ”

Another verse form which deals with the subject of Man versus Nature is ‘Lake Scene’ . by David Wright. Like ‘Dawn Shoot’ . ‘Lake Scene’ besides suggests Man is the dominant force.

‘Lake Scene’ is a verse form about the devastation of the countryside. David Wright is seeking to indicate out that the production of more autos means that more roads need to be built to suit them. Wright besides shows that the people are non excessively bothered that the production of autos and roads has begun to force the lakes and hills back. David Wright efficaciously highlights the subject by stating the reader how adult male can be destructive to the countryside.

The first illustration of this is in stanza one. line three. where we learn that the autos are “Machines that graze on mountain. wood. and lake. grazing land and cultivated land. ” This indicates that the autos finally take over the countryside like filed that have been overgrazed. In stanza two. line 10. he uses “silica glow of locust-swarm. ” this look refers to man’s machinery being destructive to nature. falling on it in big Numberss. Wright besides tells us that excessively many tourers can destruct the countryside – “And topographic points like this seen to decease. ”

Another characteristic which highlights the subject is the fact that people have merely a superficial involvement in the countryside.

The first illustration of this is in stanza three. line one. where we are told that the people pass-by. non caring – “Flip by a foliage shaped lake. ” and if they do halt it is merely to take a exposure – “As good as any color transparence. ” and some people may non even leave their autos at all – “framed in a 1000 windscreens daily” suggests this. This is followed up by Wright saying “out come folding tabular arraies. chairs ; fictile thermos. cups ; home bases. polythene bar. Canis familiaris on tether. portable telly. ” Conveying that tourers have to take all their ownerships with them and how unnatural this is. for illustration “polythene bar. ”

In decision two texts by different authors which highlight the strong subject of Man Versus Nature efficaciously and in a manner I could place with were ‘Dawn Shoot’ by Seamus Heaney and ‘Lake Scene’ by David Wright.

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