Describe evidence to support the cell theory Essay Sample

By early 1800s. the recognized thought was that workss and animate beings were composed of globules called cells. Robert Brown enhanced this thought by depicting the karyon in cells of orchid workss.

In 1838. a German phytologist. Matthias Schleiden suggested that cells were the basic structural unit of all works affair. German animal scientist. Theodor Schwann proposed that animate beings were made up of cells. The two life scientists came to recognize that both works and animate being tissues have a cellular organisation.

This basic thought of Schleidan and Schwann was published in 1839 and is known as the Cell Theory:

– Cells are the smallest units of life

– All living things are made of cells

A German physician. Rudolf Virchow added to the apprehension of cells by supplying a new reply to the inquiry: How are populating things produced? Past replies included self-generated coevals. the thought that populating things arose from inanimate or dead affair. Virchow challenged these old thoughts with his construct of biosynthesis ( bio=life ; genesis=origin. creative activity ) . He proposed that new cells came from preexistent cells. which was contributed into the Cell Theory.

In1862. Gallic life scientist. Louis Pasteur carried out an experiment that disproved the old thought of self-generated coevals. His experiment involved swan-necked flasks. unfastened to air. It was so heated and cooled easy. The swan orchids kept new microorganisms from falling into the alimentary medium in the flasks. therefore holding no new growing of all time looking. Hence back uping the position that cells are produced from preexistent cells.

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