DHCP and DNS Essay

Assignment 1: DHCP Troubleshooting.
Check the workstations utilizing ipconfig /all and happen out if the information science scope is within the reference scope you assigned. if it is a different reference so the workstation failed to reach the DHCP waiter and has gone into apipa manner. The Network Interface Card might be assigned an wrong driver. Another possible cause of the job is that the spot overseas telegram is non plugged into the Network Interface Card. or is non connected to a switch on the other terminal. However. it could be that the waiter has run out of IP addresses that it can delegate to clients. You can easy state if this is the job by comparing the size of the DHCP reference range to the figure of devices on your web that petition IP addresses from the DHCP waiter. But since merely some of the workstations have got addresses the job might be the DHCP waiter. Get down off by making some Ping trials to verify that the DHCP waiter is able to pass on across the web. If the DHCP waiter is able to pass on with other computing machines on the web. so I recommend verifying that the DHCP waiter has an IP reference that is compatible with the range that the waiter is configured to delegate references from. The waiter itself has to be assigned a inactive reference in the same subnet scope. such as 192. 168. 0. 199. If this still doesn’t solve the job make sure that the DHCP waiter is still authorized by the Active Directory to rent IP references. You should besides look into to verify that the range is active. and that the necessary services are running on the DHCP waiter.

Exercise 1: DNS scenario.
You will necessitate to setup a primary DNS waiter in the larger subdivision office. Configure it as a primary forward search zone for the sphere name of your company. Before you install DNS make certain your computing machine has a inactive information science reference so it does non acquire one from the DHCP waiter. In the little subdivision setup a 2nd DNS waiter. Configure it as a secondary forward search zone with the same sphere name as the primary DNS waiter.

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