Documentary film “The Color of Fear” Essay Sample

In the docudrama movie “The Color of Fear. “a group of work forces engaged in a blunt treatment on racism. The group consisted of eight work forces. and they were African. Asian. Latino. and White Americans. It was to demo that all Africans. Asians. Latinos. or White persons do non believe alike and are diverse. I believe that is why there were two work forces stand foring each ethnicity. At some point in the film it made me experience rather uncomfortable to watch because of the strength of the work forces. For the most portion I felt as though I could associate to their experiences being a minority myself. There were some hits and girls in the movie. but overall it was enlightening.

I believe the first inquiry that was asked from the manager was how they identified themselves racially. There were so many different responses. but most of the minority did non place themselves as “Americans. ” What was surprising to me was that most of the work forces there were born in the United States so they are American Citizens. Yet. they still felt alienated from this state. I believe that the minority in this state will ever be viewed as a alien because White Americans are the dominant civilization in this society. For illustration. I am an American Citizen because I was conceived here in the bay country. Yet. people will inquire me what state I am from. Furthermore. I was astonished of how of import it is to turn up in a diverse commission such as the bay country. When I was populating in Maryland I went to a school where my equal consisted of merely Whites. Africans. and some Koreans.

It was such a cultural daze for me because I grew up with such a diverse group of friends. The tiffin interruptions at school helped exemplify how each ethnicity formed their ain coterie and kept to themselves. Besides. for the first clip in my life I was the lone “Asian” in my categories. I was viewed as an alien and foreign animal because they would look at me with such wonder. I came to the decision that their ignorance is due to the fact that they were ne’er exposed to variant civilizations. They ne’er learned how to be tolerant and cognizant. For illustration. one pupil asked me what ethnicity I am and I replied “Vietnamese. ” Her response still baffles me today because she had no hint of what I was speaking about! So I proceeded to inquire if she of all time took history because it’s astonishing to cognize that she had no hint of what went on in this state during the 60s-70s.

Another subject that came up in the picture that I related to was the whole “Model Minority” construct. I guess Asians have ever been perceived as being the diligent and intelligent race. Of class this isn’t true because each ethnicity has its hit and girls when it comes to persons. Last one-fourth I was really enrolled in the Asiatic American Experience class. That category has changed my perceptual experience of this state. I grew up believing that everything was all right. but when I learned the history of the battles of variant Asiatic civilizations in this state I realized how incorrect I’ve been. This is why I believe that the course of study in lower division history categories should cover other races.

For my concluding in the class I had to make a group undertaking where we would look into battles and issues amongst the Asiatic Committees. My group of class chose to make our concluding undertaking on Model Minority. When we presented to the category a White person asked us why we didn’t like to be viewed as the “intelligent” and “hardworking” race. He didn’t understand that this construct has pigeon hole us. In high school. my Asiatic equals and I have ever been expected to make better than the remainder when it came to Math and Science. Math has ne’er been my strong suit so it was hard to hold to hear invariably. “but you’re Asiatic you’re supposed to be good at this material. ”

I truly enjoyed the film because it helps exemplify how our state as a whole is still divided due to racism. I believe that racism will ever be. but I hope someday we will make a degree where will be able to digest each other. I believe the lone manner to make that end if we become more cognizant of each others civilization. We are all aliens if you think about it. In the terminal we all have something in common.

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