Effects of Cartoons on Young Children Essay Sample

What are the effects of sketchs on kids between ages 0-12? By and large. sketchs are accepted as a controversial issue. However. instantly after the outgrowth of this issue. many surveies have been done about whether sketch is a positive counsel for kids or non and what the positive and negative effects of sketchs are. Unsurprisingly. there is a dissension between the protagonists of sketch and the oppositions of sketch. Many surveies focus on the effects of sketchs chiefly. and the most of the surveies meaning positive effects of sketchs on kid development can be regarded as negative effects of it by other surveies. The surveies about the positive effects of sketchs can be categorized into personality and ego development. The first class is personality development. Imagination. creativeness. and characteristic characteristics such as selfish. covetous are related to personality development. To get down with imaginativeness. Ak ( 2010 ) claims that sketchs provide development of imaginativeness and creativeness. When kids watch sketch they make themselves as a portion of sketch and develop their imaginativeness.

Therefore. sketchs provide larning something while kids make detecting different universes. Furthermore. harmonizing to Olcay ( n. vitamin D ) a kid who replace with sketch character attempt to understand the point of view of sketch character. A kid who replace with superhero should detect how character expressions. speaks. feels. behaves and thinks. By making this replace. it provides non merely develops mental procedure but besides develops the feel of empathize. Furthermore. personality development includes behaviors such as sharing same environment or acting helpful. Harmonizing to Unlu ( 2009 ) . there are some sketchs which provide to better the characteristic of helpfulness and believing sympathetically. Cartoons help kids non to act selfish. For illustration. In Finland. a kid. who is Mike Jahnen and 6 old ages old. proverb another kid who was surrounding in river. Then Mike saved his friend by using what he saw in sketch therefore. he was accepted as a national hero. Mike can afraid and get away at that place or he can non understand what happened and he can non take attention and act egotistically. alternatively of salvage his friend from surrounding. As a consequence of this. sketchs provide kids societal consciousness and aid to act sharing. Besides Irkin ( 2012 ) cited in her survey that D. G Singer & A ; J. L. Singer ( 1998 ) found that educational programmes such as “Barney and Friends” . “Mister Rogers” and “Neighbourhood” provide to demo positive feelings like friendly relationship. fancy. sharing something ( p. 42 ) .

Harmonizing to some researches. 72 per centums of kids watch sketchs hence. sketchs are really of import for development of kids ( p. 51 ) . As for positive effects of ego development. Irkin ( 2012 ) claims that sketchs provide kids to develop their individualistic behavior. She says that because of seting themselves as a portion of sketchs between 3-6 ages. kids can larn holding a shower. slumber and eating wonts or instruction of lavatory with sketchs ( p. 44 ) . On the other manus. sketch non merely develops self-reformation but besides help to develop 2nd linguistic communication easy. Harmonizing to Linebarger & A ; Walker ( 2005 ) . claim that sketchs provide learn 2nd linguistic communication and word acquisition easy. Teletubbies. Sesame Street and Barney & A ; Friends were associated with supplying learn vocabulary and expressive linguistic communication ( p. 624 ) . Furthermore. harmonizing to Ghorbani ( 2011 ) . watching sketchs with captions improves children’s foreign linguistic communication acquisition. In order to proof his claim. he had been made a survey for 2 old ages. He took a kid who are 12years old and provided to watch sketchs with captions. At the terminal of the 2 old ages child get ability to talk and compose as if an English male child ( p. 224 ) . Although sketch has positive effects on kids development. it besides has negative consequence on kid development.

The first negative consequence is non differentiation existent and antic universe. Harmonizing to Irkin ( 2005 ) . kids have a inclination to copy characters of sketchs because they can non acknowledge antic universe and they accept sketchs as existent ( p. 58 ) . For illustration. in 2000 a kid who are 4 old ages old imitated Pokemon and leap from 7th floor. When physician asked why were you leap he said I watched Pokemon and flew as it ( p. 43 ) . Icer ( 2008 ) . claims that if some safeguards are non taken. character of sketch can get down to go settle in to children’s thoughts and cause serious version issues by taking world. In fact kids who watch sketchs excessively much and assimilate character of sketch choose populating entirely. Furthermore. Irkin ( 2005 ) cited the survey applied by Television Guide. harmonizing to this survey. sketchs have more verbal and physical violent than other programmes this can do aggressive behavior on kids ( p. 56 ) . For illustration. in Bugs Bunny sketchs there is ever force against coney. At the terminal of the sketch the gun ever fire on Elmer’s ( huntsman ) face.

Futhermore. there is another sketch Tom and Jerry which besides include force Tom ever try to catch Jerry and they are contending with each other ( Ybarra. 2004 ) . By watching those sorts of sketchs affect children’s behavior negatively because in sketchs nil happens to characters and kids by and large think that same thing will go on in existent life. Therefore. they are figthing with friend and injuring as if nil will go on. Hapkiewicz & A ; Roden ( 1971 ) did a survey which measures correlativity between violent sketchs and aggressive behavior. There was a correlativity between two and by and large boys showed more aggressive behavior than misss ( p. 9 ) . The 2nd negative consequence is diminishing cognitive and physical abilities. Harmonizing to Leu ( 2004 ) . if a kid addicted to sketchs. they can hold a large hazard to lose their physical abilities.

Leu cited in survey that Warner ( 2004 ) found that after watching Pokemon sketch many kids affected by ictuss. Futhermore. Leu cited in survey that Childen’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center of Seattle found that kids who watch telecasting more than four hours in a twenty-four hours hold a hazard of deficiency of attending upset than kids who do non watch telecasting less than 4 hours a twenty-four hours. As for cognitive hurts. harmonizing to Entin ( 2011 ) . sketch can do cognitive shortages such as ; cut downing ability to dawdle satisfaction and hapless working memory ability. Irkin ( 2005 ) cited in her survey that Evra ( 2009 ) found that there is a negative correlativity between watching cartoons/ telecasting and ability to talk on preschool kids. Children who do non watch telecasting hold larger word reservoir than kids who watch telecasting. As a consequence of this. get downing ticker sketch at early age can impact negatively on speech production.

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