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When I was a immature kid I would love to hear my parents state me that we were traveling on a trip. I would be full of exhilaration. because I knew that we would be traveling to a topographic point that I had ne’er been earlier. The most unforgettable memory in my childhood is the vacations at the Redang Island. Remember I was 10 old ages old. my male parent informed my household that we would be traveling to Redang Island for our mid-year school vacations. We went to Kuala Terengganu by express coach and took a velocity boat to Redang Island. We stayed in Kalong Redang resorts. This resort is located in Redang Island. Redang Island is one of the beautiful islands in Malaysia. The sea H2O is crystal clear. We could clearly see the marine life at the underside of the sea. I was basking watching colourful fishes swimming about. Furthermore the position of bluish sea and clear blue sky are so so beautiful which made me feft so restful. I got another minute that I still retrieve until now is my first experience in snorkel diving.

As a kid of 10 old ages old and ne’er be swimming in the sea. I felt so scare. I was feared of the deepness of the sea about 10 metres. I took some times at that minute and gathered my bravery to leap into sea. Somehow I was have oning a lift jacket that make me float in the sea. Then I felt save and started to look into the sea. I was surprised to see so many sorts of colourful corals at the underside of the sea in which I have ne’er seen earlier. AIso there were many little colourful fishes swimming around the colars. I was holding merriment and good clip so much as I had snorkeled for hours from afternoon until flushing. Among all the childhood memories that I have. this is my most unforgettable minute and I will retrieve it everlastingly.

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