Extra Credit for Reflective Essay Essay

My authorship is nowhere near what I would see good. I am the lone one to fault. As I antecedently stated in other category assignments. I dropped out of high school in the center of 9th class. Ever since so. I ne’er did any kind of authorship. unless it was for work. Alternatively of working on my authorship and instruction in general these past 6 old ages. I have been disregarding the fact that being educated will acquire me further in life and assist me populate more comfortably. What pushed me acquire back into school was the birth of my girl every bit good as my involvement in going a police officer.

Aside from my atrocious recognition history. I knew from the start that my composing demands betterment if I even want to acquire through the showing procedure for new hires. In category. I realized how much there is to composing certain texts. Specially with essays. there was footings mentioned that I was non thought with or I merely merely forgot about them. Learning grammar was of great aid to me as I see grammar as my biggest failing when it comes to composing. I specifically remember the presentation about proper use on the apostrophe. because I was guilty on utilizing it falsely with plural nouns.

What I would hold liked. nevertheless. is that grammar should hold been taught non by the pupils. but by the professor. Some of the presentations seemed really of import and indispensable to composing but they were non all clear to understand. Others had good information but it was difficult for me to maintain involvement as the talker read line after line of text of what seemed to be transcript and paste definitions. Aside from that minor defect. I thought the category was good overall. I merely wish I had more free clip so I can take another category that supersedes this 1.

If I get thru the hiring procedure. I will hold to be a good author as constabulary officers have to bring forth many accurate studies throughout their work twenty-four hours. Since wrong grammar can wholly alter the significance of something. I do non desire it to be my weakest nexus when it comes to my jurisprudence enforcement calling. Particularly since being a bad author is correctable.

Whether I take another category or purchase a book on grammar. I will try to better it. Even if its a small at a clip. Equally long as I am traveling frontward and non backwards. my future looks brighter than before I got back into school.

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