Fame or Money Essay Sample

Every individual has dreams and desires for the hereafter. particularly immature people who think they’d do anything to do these dreams come true. Their dreams of possible callings are frequently limited to those of dad stars. vocalists. histrions and actresses. In my sentiment. what matters to immature people presents is fame and non money. as some other people think.

It’s really of import for a individual of our society to be known and to hold the ability to influence others. Often unaware of the dark side of being celebrated. most boys want to organize a male child set when they grow up and little misss dream of going vocalists. actresses and top theoretical accounts. One of the chief grounds people truly want to do themselves known is the glorification of the life of the famous persons. something that is promoted from the media in a really effectual manner. In add-on to the glamourous life style. what people love about being celebrated. is that famous persons seem to be invulnerable and untouchable. or so they make us believe they are. For illustration. you’ve barely of all time seen a celebrated individual shouting. hold you?

Some immature people are still more interested in gaining a batch of money. no affair if barely anyone knows they exist. Being affluent is promoted from the media excessively. but non in the manner a “trendy” life style is. Another ground that might explicate why immature people care excessively much about doing money is that they might be to a great extent influenced by their parents and relations who might be successful business communities or something of the kind.

To sum up. although being celebrated is frequently straight linked to holding huge amounts of money. what people truly care about is go forthing their Markss behind them. There are still some immature people who have set happening a well-paying occupation as their end in life. but the bulk of them look frontward to they twenty-four hours when the mark a contract with a music company or they pose for the screen of a popular magazine. I’m non stating that money has lost its significance. but that people care more about celebrity than being rich.

This essay was written by me. Caroline Alexiou. during the summer composing plan of my English school. I’m analyzing for my Proficiency Certificate right now: ) .

The first paragraph is the debut. My thesis statement is written in bold. The 2nd and the 3rd paragraphs are the chief 1s and the 4th is of class the decision. Notice that in the decision I simply repeat the points I made in the debut. This essay is a good 1. that’s the ground I put it on my web site.

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