Genetic and Environmental Influences in Alcoholic Tendencies Essay

Alcoholic Tendencies in people may be triggered by environmental influences. familial influences. or both. Some people may be at a great hazard of developing alcohol addiction because of this. Genetics entirely can do certain behaviours in people. If a kid grows up in an environment where neither of the parents are alkies but the kid carries the cistron to go one. the kid may hold a higher opportunity of going an alcoholic as an grownup due to familial factors. However. because the kid is non exposed to alcohol usage on a regular basis they may ne’er exhibit alcoholic inclinations.

A individual may hold an even greater hazard if they have familial factors. and they are brought up in an environment where there is a batch of intoxicant usage. Environmental factors can besides do behaviours in people. A individual that grows up in an environment where they are exposed to alcoholism on a regular basis might hold the inclination to go an alcoholic even if their genetic sciences don’t show alcoholic inclinations. The environment in which they consider normal consists of intoxicant usage.

Therefore. it is likely they will go on with the behaviours that they are used to. However. because the kid does non hold familial factors act uponing alcoholic inclinations. they may ne’er hold a job with intoxicant despite turning up in an environment where alcohol addiction is present. Scott 2 Genetic and environmental factors influence alcoholic inclinations in people. but this does non needfully intend holding one of these factors will ensue in alcohol addiction. However. if both factors are present so a individual might hold a greater opportunity.

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