Given the limited land available in Singapore Essay Sample

High terminal. high rises. high outlooks. Everything zooms on this low-lying island called Singapore ( Garden City ) . Is it wise to put aside some countries as nature militias when Singapore has limited land? I refer nature militias to topographic points where people are able to bask the nature and take exposure to retrieve Singapore as a Garden City.

Bing a Garden City. Singapore should keep its repute by continuing nature militias. Nature militias bring benefits to the environment and Singaporeans lives. Nature militias include trees that circulate the air around us. Besides. it allows households to garner together for an excursion. Nature militias have become a really popular topographic point for Singaporeans to acquire near to nature and bask other signifiers of diversion with one another. Tourists enjoy nature as Singapore provides beautiful sceneries. Singapore would be associated with nature.

It besides shows Singapore is acute in protecting the environment against pollution. By puting aside countries for nature militias. it allow Singaporeans to understand what precisely preservation is and how of import it is. Singaporeans would be cognizant that protecting the environment. they are able to salvage the universe from planetary heating. Soon. other states would besides be keen in protecting the environment. They would larn from Singapore to forestall unsought catastrophes.

Nature militias could besides salvage lives. Roots of trees make dirt stable and prevent dirt eroding and dirt leaching from go oning. Thankss to nature militias. there are merely a few instances of dirt eroding go oning in Singapore.

On the other manus. by puting aside land for nature militias. Singapore is unable to go on her development swimmingly. Since land in Singapore is limited. she should do usage of the land purposefully.

The land could be usage for other activities such as edifice more houses and edifice more mills. By constructing more houses and mills. it solves unemployment and lodging jobs in Singapore. More roads and substructures could besides be built. This enables Singaporeans to acquire to topographic points more handily. From this. Singapore could develop even faster and may even go a first universe state.

Since land for nature militias are used. land renewal is unneeded. Resources needed for land renewal could be conserved.

In my sentiment. I think that it is wise for Singapore to put aside land for nature militias. As Singapore is trusting to go a vivacious metropolis where tourers can bask their stay. nature militias could be an ideal topographic point for them. Singapore has already become a developed state. Nature militias did assist in one manner or another. It besides helps us retrieve non to foul the environment.

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