Great Expectations Character Analysis Essay Sample

In Charles Dickens Victorian novel. Great Expectations. he develops many characters ; one of these characters being Mr. Joe Gargery. Joe is Pip’s brother in jurisprudence. but is more of a male parent figure as him and Pip’s sister Mrs. Joe Gargery has raised Pip by manus. Joe is a adult male of many traits. and as the narrative progresses we begin to see this more and more. We learn that Joe Gargery is uneducated. patient. and caring.

Joe is shown to be a really uneducated adult male. The first clip we notice this is after Pip writes him a missive on page 46. After passing Joe his missive. all Joe continues to make is indicate out all of the J’s and O’s and put them together to spelling Jo. “ ‘Why here’s a J. ’ said Joe. ‘and a O equal to anything! Here’s a J and a O. Pip. and a J-O Joe. ’ ” ( Dickens 46 ) . Another clip Joe’s deficiency of instruction is apparent. is on their journey to Mrs. Havisham’s. On this venture. Joe looks down the full clip and when asked a inquiry directs all of his replies towards Pip. This event merely shows how uneducated Joe truly is. as he can non even speak to an senior of higher authorization without huddling down like a small male child. Later in the novel. Mr. Jaggers comes to state Joe and Pip of Pip’s newfound luck and measure towards going a gentleman. Though throughout this full conversation. you begin to detect that Joe is really distant and holds a baffled expression on his face. This excessively contributes to demo that Joe is an uneducated adult male.

There are many ways we could turn out Joe to be a patient adult male. One of the most obvious events would be that of his married woman. Throughout the novel you see that Mrs. Joe is really hard non merely on Pip. but on Joe every bit good. Even through all of the hatred and force that may originate from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours in the family. Joe’s everlasting love for Mrs. Joe pulls through to the audience every clip as he endures these minutes with easiness. In the terminal. Joe ever ends up loving Mrs. Joe regardless of the things she may make. as he understands her ways of showing her love. On page 121. when a battle begins to deduce. Joe holds his choler in for a good piece. At first he merely murmurs from the out of boundss. “Leave her alone. will you? ” ( Dickens 121 ) . He continues to remain out of the affair until a few proceedingss subsequently at more appropriate timing. Another point in the narrative that Joe is shown as a patient adult male. is the drawn-out period that he awaits for Pip to be apprenticed to him. He ne’er makes a dither. or asks inquiries. he merely waits until the clip is right and when it is. he accepts Pip with unfastened weaponries.

Joe is besides highly caring. We foremost see this when Pip comes back on Christmas forenoon after being gone before dawn. Joe warns Pip that Mrs. Joe is looking for him and that she is really angry. This shows how Joe looks out for Pip and how much he genuinely cares about him. Joe besides shows he is caring during the Christmas dinner. As all the grownups talk about Pip and do him experience highly uncomfortable. Joe merely keeps shoveling more gravy onto Pip’s home base. Once once more. demoing how much he cares about Pip. When the pack goes out to catch the inmate. Joe shows his true compassion one time once more. After the one inmate tells “the truth” about the stolen nutrient from the Blacksmith’s house. Joe’s response is surprising. “God knows you’re welcome to it-so far as it’s mine” ( Dickens 40 ) . This shows how caring Joe truly is. The fact that he doesn’t head inmates stealing nutrient from him. is the prototype of lovingness.

So. as you can see. Joe Gargery is an uneducated. patient. and caring adult male. Although he could non assist you out in math. reading. or merely field concern. he is a great individual to turn up with. He may be possibly the best thing that Pip could hold in his life.

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