Great Expectations – Character Analysis of Trabb’s Boy Essay Sample

“A male child who excited abhorrence in every respectable mind” ( Dickens 304 ) . Trabb’s Boy is a lively. problem seeking. and viciously honorable character in Charles Dickens’s. Great Expectations. Even though he appears merely a smattering of times in the novel his character plays a important function. As Pip’s enemy. Trabb’s Boy helps the reader see Pip’s mistakes. Trabb’s Boy’s most of import function is that of Pip’s savior.

Trabb’s Boy has really few speech production parts. but an apprehension of his personality is seen through his legion actions. His personality is blunt. vibrant. and arch. In the manner Mr. Trabb speaks to Trabb’s Boy in Chapter Nineteen. there is grounds that Trabb’s Boy has caused problem for him in the yesteryear. He calls Trabb’s Boy a “young scoundrel” ( 186 ) and tells him non to draw any fast ones ( 186 ) . He is ever looking for ways to do “variety and exhilaration at anybody’s expense” ( 534 ) . Even though Trabb’s Boy is named after the seamster. and has no existent name ; he is really independent. He is his ain best friend. and merely does things that involvement or benefit him. “He was a boy whom no adult male could ache ; an invulnerable and dodging snake who. when chased into a corner. flew out once more between his captor’s legs. contemptuously yelping” ( 303 ) . Trabb’s Boy is non an evil individual ; he is merely an guiltless nuisance who wants exhilaration and to hold merriment.

Another facet of Trabb’s Boy is that he is a astute perceiver and is non bashful to show his sentiment. As the “most brave male child in all that countryside” ( 186 ) . Trabb’s Boy is non bashful of demoing his disdain for Pip. He openly expresses his sentiments because he doesn’t care what others think of his behaviour. Even when Trabb’s Boy first meets Pip. he causes a disturbance to “express equality with any blacksmith. alive or dead” ( 186 ) . He believes that he is merely every bit good as Pip. no affair how many new suits Pip bargain. In Chapter Thirty. Trabb’s Boy follows Pip through the town. mocking him. He yells. “Don’t know yah” ( 303 ) . to passersby to jab merriment at Pip’s chesty attitude. Since Pip is the exclusive storyteller of the novel. Trabb’s Boy is a needful necessity so the reader has a realistic position of Pip’s character.

Trabb’s Boy’s most important part to the novel is in Chapter Fifty-Three. when he rescues Pip from Orlick. Trabb’s Boy did non mean to salvage Pip’s life ; he was merely moving on his natural wonder. Without Trabb’s Boy’s “ancient wont of go oning to be everyplace where he had no business” ( 533 ) . Pip had been murdered. Therefore. since Pip is the storyteller of the novel. it is sensible to state that without Trabb’s Boy at that place would hold been no narrative of Pip’s “great expectations” . Pip eventually tells Trabb’s Boy that he is “sorry of all time to hold had an sick sentiment of him” ( 534 ) . but Trabb’s Boy remains apathetic because he has ne’er worried about Pip’s sentiment.

Although Trabb’s Boy had a minor portion in the novel. in footings of pages. he played a major function in the result of the novel. His bold and amusive jokes add comedy to the novel. They besides give a more rounded and honest position of Pip. Without Trabb’s Boy at that place would hold been no Great Expectations. and that is a good thing because Great Expectations without Trabb’s Boy wouldn’t have been that great.

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