Hows does changing the length of wire affect resistance Essay Sample

The aim for my coursework ( as already stated above ) is to look into how altering the length of wire can impact the opposition.

There are factors which can impact how accurate our expriment is come on four degrees.

As in any scientific experiment. there are ever variables ( “likely to alter or change capable to fluctuation ; mutable. ” ) which can change a potentially good set of consequences into a bad set full of anomalousnesss. In this peculiar trial there are five chief variables.

Length affects immune. this is the variable which we are altering. As H2O in a hose pipe. the longer the pipe the longer the H2O takes to make its finish. This can be applied in the variables of opposition. The negatrons ‘bounce’ off the atoms – this causes the negatrons to head elsewhere instead than the coveted way. In a long tubing there are more atoms. this slows the negatrons down as they ‘bounce’ off into another way. In a short tubing. there are less atoms which means there are less to debar the negatron any more speeding the velocity up. In theory. the length should be relative to the opposition. This is the variable which we will be altering in the experiment.

Diameter. we are maintaining the same. Again. with the hosiery pipe. if the tubing is thick it allows more H2O molecules to go through through at one clip compared to a dilutant tubing. Once once more this can be applied to resistance in wires.

If the wire is ‘thin’ so there are less waies for a negatron to go. This slows down the negatron decelerating down the velocity. If the wire is thick
so it allows more waies for the negatron to follow and hence. rush up the flow of negatrons.

Both Length and diameter work with each other. A thick wire that is long has more atoms but besides more waies. these “cancel each other out” and may do the negatrons to travel faster but have to travel farther. Vice versa with short thin wires. We keep this the same by non altering the wire throughout the whole experiment.

If the wire is heated. the atoms will travel about more because there will be an addition in energy. This would do more hits between the atoms and the negatrons. The addition in hits would do the opposition to lift. We keep this variable the same by turning the power of about consecutive after we have seen a consequence ( without it fluctuating ) excessively maintain the temperature down.

The pick of stuffs that we could utilize for the wire affects the opposition that we receive. A wire with excessively small opposition would be difficult and complex to roll up consequences due to a 5th or 6th denary point alteration. A wire with a batch of opposition may non allow any current through at all doing it difficult to take down a consequence. We keep this variable the same by maintaining the stuff the same.



Crocodile Clips

Power Supply ( Power Pack )


Chrome Nickel



Metal Ruler

4. 5v bulb



Decide which wire to utilize by making a simple trial of the most varied consequences

Measure 100cm of the wire and attach to a metre swayer.

Y Check equipment works good ;

Power beginning

Connecting wires



Y Set up the appropriate circuit

Y lessening the length of wire by 10cms

Y Write down Voltage and the current in the circuit

Continue until the two cartridge holders are touching at 0cms

Y Repeat two more times to give more dependable consequences



At first we conduct trials on two sets of wire – Cu and chrome Ni. This was so we could make up one’s mind which was the most suited wire to utilize. if we were to utilize a wire which had highly low opposition the alterations would excessively minute it would be impossible to take down consequences since both ammeter and voltmeter were merely capable of demoing to two denary topographic points. If we were to utilize a wire with excessively high opposition so no elections would be able to travel therefore. non holding any readings on the ammeter or voltmeter.

Once the equipment has been tested. we so set up the circuit that we will utilize to take the readings. Using the equipment that has been checked we set up a circuit utilizing the Meter swayer ( with wire ) . linking wires. ammeter. voltmeter and power battalion. ( Shown below )

After the first trial we will utilize the wire ( which is decided the most dependable beginning of consequences with no fluctuations of electromotive force or current and a obvious form of increasing/decreasing consequences ) and attach to the meter swayer utilizing gluey tape. This needs to be every bit accurate as possible.

We so look into the equipment that we are about to utilize. This involves look intoing the power battalion work ; that the wires conducted electricity ; proving the ammeter and voltmeter.

To do the consequences are dependable as we are able to have. we will carry on the three times and happen the opposition. .

MY Postulation

I predict that. the longer the wire is. the more opposition there will be due to more hits between the negatrons and atoms. The length of the wire should be about proportionately the same as the opposition. In theory. if the wire is doubled. so so will the opposition. If the length is twice every bit much. so there will be twice every bit much hits. which would increase the opposition


The trial was done several times. I have rewritten my consequences into a clearer tabular array. this can bee seen on a the following separate sheet.

The equation for happening opposition is. .

Resistance = Voltage/current

This was used in ciphering the opposition of consequences


My consequences have a little figure of Anonmyles but the line of best tantrum shows that the consequences are proptional. The line of best tantrum proves me anticipation correct as the line is in proportion that duplicating the length of the wire theoreticly dual opposition.

A wire has negatrons clashing with the Atoms

If the length is dual so the negatrons are doubles. every bit good as Atoms and hence opposition. .

The consequences on the graph show that the opposition steadily increases but merely up to a opposition of 9 Ohms. Further beyond this point we do non cognize. The graph could hit a point which the opposition ‘stops’ and has reached a maxium sum of opposition.


I think that the experiment. by and large went rather good. although there were errors in the consequences they are expected from a experiment which has many variables that are difficult to command with standard school equpitment. .

There were Three anonamylees when the opposition went about 7 ohms. this may of been because heat of the wire may of increased. doing the atoms to vibrate more.

I think that the sum of times that we did the trials were appropriate and this was adequate to fulfill me and my spouse that we had a set of dependable consequences.

Measuring the wire we had proved a job. the Meter swayer we used was comparatively old. Some of the Numberss and markers were rubbed off ( through over usage ) which may of caused inaccuracy in some consequences. The markers ( or deficiency of in this instance ) was one of three things which could of hindered our consequences sing the Meter swayer and the wire.

The tools we used were far from simple but were non every bit complex as trials conducted in a research lab would of been. for illustration the manner the wire was straightened. if this were to of been done in a research lab. so the wire would of been near absolutely placed and straightened. However. we were unable to put the wire to this criterion and I estimate that we added an excess 3-5 Cm’s of wire to the 100 Cm’s we ideally should of used. Even if we were able to maintain the length precisely to 100cms we would of needed an excess 2 Cm’s of wire to let the crocodile cartridge holders to suit underneath the wire to let the circuit to be completed.

The usage of crocodile cartridge holders added opposition to the consequences. Crocodile cartridge holders have their ain opposition but were critical to link the constituents together. following clip. or in a repetition of the trial I would non utilize the cartridge holders. I would link the wires without utilizing Crocodile cartridge holders.

To turn out my theory even more so i would duplicate the length of the wire. two to three times more untill 300cms. the opposition should still be proportaional to the length of the wire.

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