Hunger Games Essay Essay

In the novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins the characters are put to the ultimate trial to last or stop up dead. In unsafe and life endangering wilderness state of affairss. one needs runing accomplishments. physical strength and mental strength in order to get the better of the odds.

One needs runing accomplishments to get the better of the odds in a unsafe or life endangering wilderness state of affairs. Peeta references Katniss’s runing accomplishments “She’s excellent. my male parent ever remarks on how the pointer ne’er pierces the organic structure. she this everyone in the eye” . This quotation mark shows that if Katniss is of all time hungering she can trust on her accomplishments to vouch her a putting to death. Katniss besides killed a cervid with her bow. so she could supply nutrient for her household so they did non hunger and decease. If you did non hold good accomplishments with a bow you would non be able to take down a cervid. and if you relied on that for nutrient you would likely hunger. Besides when Katniss finds the callings supplies she shoots the bag of apples so they fall and trigger the mines. By hiting the bag of apples it shows how accurate Katniss is with a bow. you besides need this truth for runing and killing in the games. and existent life to vouch a putting to death.

Along with runing accomplishments one will necessitate physical strength to get the better of the odds in a life endangering wilderness state of affairs. Katniss: “I’m fast though. and by the clip they’ve reached the base of my bole I’m 20 pess up” . If you were out in the wilderness and you had to mount a tree you would necessitate physical strength like Katniss had. Another illustration of physical strength. Katniss: “I can see the musculuss ripple in Cato’s weaponries as he aggressively jerks the male childs head to the side” . When Cato kills the male child it shows that you will necessitate physical strength if you of all time had to prosecute in manus to manus combat.

Along with runing accomplishments and physical strength you besides need to hold mental strength. Katniss: “the Tracker Jackers begin to bombinate and I can hear them coming out. back and Forth. back and Forth. the subdivision with the nest clangs down through the lower branches” . Sometimes you will merely hold to force through things. even if they hurt and in the terminal it will pay off. you merely have to desire it bad plenty. Another illustration of mental strength is when Katniss is forced to feign to love Peeta.

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