Insurance Management Project Report Essay

Problem Definition:

Understanding the job in the bing system & A ; happening requested solution is the most of import activity while be aftering the undertaking. Hence the developing a new system we must acquire through job associated with the current system. In the old system. the user was keeping the records like Policy Holder Details. Policy inside informations. Premium Payments. Agent Details. Company Details and measure in the paper sheets. Searching Problem: Searching is really hard in file.

Accessing. Deleting and Adding Problems as the user has to make it manually. The retrieval of informations is clip devouring. as the user has to seek the whole file even for a individual information. For updating record the user has to seek peculiar record foremost and make the updates which are clip devouring which was a large job. The information that has to be deleted should besides be crosschecked as it might take to losing informations.

Objective and Scope of the undertaking:

Our chief purpose of the undertaking is to acquire the right information about peculiar Policy Holder. Agents. Policy or Insurance Company and to cut down human attempts. The user can keep all the records about Policy Holder Details. Agent Details. Insurance Company. Policy Details. Premium Payment Details and Bill and salvage it in the database. The user can besides keep the record of his Policy Holder.

The user can easy infix and recover the record without any preparation. The searching is made easy. The user can seek the record by Date. Policy Holder name. Record figure. etc. In this we have used crystal study for concern objects as per the client’s demand. In crystal study the user see the information about the peculiar Patient.


The “Insurance Management System” procedure made computerized to cut down human mistakes and to increase the efficiency. The chief focal point of this undertaking is to decrease human attempts. The care of the records is made efficient. as all the records are stored in the SQL database. through which informations can be retrieved easy. The pilotage control is provided in all the signifiers to voyage through the big sum of records. If the Numberss of records are really big so user has to merely type in the hunt twine and user gets the consequences instantly. The redaction is besides made simpler. The user has to merely type in the needed field and imperativeness the update button to update the coveted field.

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