“Lineage” by Margret Walker and “The Courage my mother had” by Edna St. Vincent Millay Essay Sample

Hove you of all time wondered how it would experience to hold the bravery of your ascendants? In the two verse forms “Lineage” and “Courage” the writers Margret Walker and Edna St. Vincent Millay uses descriptive words to depict their ancestor’s abilities. There are several similarities and differences contained in these two verse forms.

To get down. both of the talkers desire to get something that they do non hold. but exists in their household. The talker in “Lineage” values the fact that her grandmas were strong ( l. 1. 11 ) . Clearly this strength is something that talker remembers about her grandmas ; she ends her verse form with the inquiry. “why am I non as they? ” ( p12 ) but it is non strength that the talker of the other verse form wants. Though their ascendants had strength and bravery. the two talkers. so. lacked the ability.

Second. these two verse forms are differentiated from one another because they include female talkers that conveying compassion into the verse form. The talker in “Lineage” repetitions “My grandmas were strong” ( l. 1. 6 ) to demo how strong they one time were and how she. today. lacked strength. When their ascendants existed. adult females were non given any rights or privileges striping them of freedom. The talker says “They moved through the Fieldss seeding seed” ( l. 3 ) stand foring they had no privileges but they still worked difficult and strong. standing up for what they stood for. Although adult females had no rights. they had still stood tall and worked their manner up to freedom.

Finally. both speakers’ ascendants had left something behind. whether it is an point or a memory. it encouraged them to utilize what they have and bury about what they want. In the verse form “Lineage” the talker says “They were full of sturdiness and singing” ( l. 5 ) significance that they left behind a sense of pride and strength that would be acknowledged in the hereafter. Another of import facet of their ancestor’s life. is the points that were left buttocks. In the verse form “Courage” the talker says “The aureate broach my female parent wore…” shows that her female parent had left an point so that one twenty-four hours. her siblings may happen utile in their journey towards their end. Items and qualities are critical to a person’s life when a individual of their household has passed off because it shows them the ability and strength to make anything.

If one were to read the verse forms. they would non understand the author’s point of position but merely a field verse form. If one were to read it carefully and understand what the writer is seeking to state. so one can understand its construct. In relation. the two verse forms “Lineage” and “Courage” have more similarities so differences.

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