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In the Shakespearian “play Macbeth. ” all of the senses of the word “hand” come into drama ; and mean the magnitude and horror of actions by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in three specific scenes arousing the subject of guilt. custodies besides represent your heart’s purposes and eventually aide in arousing a moral message for the readers while escalating the secret plan with adumbrative future events. Throughout. the full drama. the word drama on custodies at times alterations into many different human experiences.

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth both have scenes in which they are transfixed by the sight of blood on their custodies. The first incidence in which Macbeth says “Is this a sticker which I see before me. The grip toward my manus? Come. allow me seize thee. ” ( 2. 1. 33-34. ) The bloody fanciful sticker which he sees before his manus is symbolic of Macbeth experiencing guilty even before he kills Duncan. Macbeth imagines that his custodies are so stained with blood meaning his guilt. that non even a ocean could rinse his custodies clean but that his custodies would stain the H2O with his blood. until everything he touched became every bit guilty as he was. The drama on the word “hands” show that Macbeth feels guilty and is cognizant of what he is making is incorrect. He is cognizant that he is guilty of an inexcusable act and that there is no manner he can alter this. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have really committed a awful offense and now they are faced with the world of the effects of his offense. Lady Macbeth’s scene with the bloody hands besides signifies guilt.

“Here’s the odor of the blood still. All the aromas of Arabia will non dulcify this small manus. ” ( 5. 1. 53-55 ) All these scenes in which both chief characters are transfixed by the sight of blood on their custodies represents their guilt that lies on their custodies and can non be washed off. Shakespeare cleverly takes us into the heads of the characters through this word drama of “hands” The drama of the “word” manus throughout the drama signifies true heart’s purposes. Throughout many scenes in the drama characters are said to bring out their true purposes by their custodies. Lady Macbeth repeatedly tells her hubby to look to be something he isn’t.

Besides in many cases the characters look at their custodies to recognize what really is traveling on and the effects of their workss. Therefore. meaning that in the beginning of the fresh Macbeth true purposes weren’t immoralities but they transgressed into a dark trap he fell into by perpetrating evil offenses with his custodies and ne’er being able to cleanse his custodies once more. He means that he wishes his eyes non to see what his manus wants to make because his custodies mean his true heart’s ambitious desire of being the male monarch but first murdering Duncan.

The drama on the word “hands” besides aides in the moral message of the drama to non fall into a pool of darkness. Since the drama was written during Elizabethan times in which to be named King you were appointed by God. When you killed a male monarch you went against God and sided with immoralities so it is about similar Macbeth commits central wickedness. It is so bad that he will ne’er be able to clean his custodies of the blood. more symbolically cleanse himself of the guilt and have a clear scruples. If he even tried to clean his custodies there would be so much blood that it would turn the oceans ruddy with blood of the King.

“Will all great Neptune’s oceans wash this blood Clean and jerk from my manus? No ; this my manus will instead the countless seas incarnadine. Making the green one red. ” ( II. II. 77-80 ) . Now Macbeth must endure the effects of holding fallen into a pool of darkness which he can’t come out of. Thus. the drama on the word “hand” evokes a moral message of non acquiring caught up in a pool of blood and darkness. Therefore. the drama gives one the reader a moral message of being careful of workss that one does because one doesn’t want to fall into a trap of darkness.

In decision. there are many more cases in which “hands” evoke the subject of guilt. Besides “hands” is used figuratively besides and add to the signifier of Shakespeare drama and I would hold liked to include that. I would besides hold included that custodies is used 32 times in the text in entire. I would hold used how custodies are described as being associated with many other experiences such as “walk hand-in-hand. ” are “caught red-handed. ” “give a assisting manus. ” have a “hand on the accelerator. ” fright someone’s “God’s heavy manus. ” and so on.

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