Man’s careless attitude is the main cause for the destruction of the environment. Essay Sample

Q: Man’s careless attitude is the chief cause for the devastation of the environment. Discuss.

It is non an unknown fact that a healthy and clean environment is a great plus to mankind. The environment plays an built-in function in human life as it is a vas for underpinnings of life itself. Man takes and crops from the environment but do we give back? The reply is a resonant no. In my sentiment. I strongly agree that man’s careless attitude is the chief cause for the devastation of the environment. In this essay. I will discourse how man’s careless attitude affects the environment and besides solutions to get the better of it.

A careless attitude visible radiations a flicker for the devolution of the environment because adult male may be taking the environment for granted. In the footfalls of development. adult male is invariably garnering resources from the environment. viz. air. H2O and Earth. Forests and mountains gave manner for the thirst of modern substructure. Building of dikes besides cause great impact on the balance of ecosystem. Careless work forces are therefore adding strain and doing wreckage to the environment without taking a measure back. A careless attitude brings about deficiency of concern and consciousness for the warnings of environment. Man may non recognize that one twenty-four hours these resources they gain from the environment will one twenty-four hours be used up. Therefore. I would state a careless attitude of adult male by extravagancy workss a clip bomb in the environment.

Second. man’s careless attitude may take to terrible grades of pollution. hence devastation of the environment. Man could race for development chances but would hold when asked to be responsible to conserve the environment. They could be keeping the idea. ‘No one else is making it. so why should i? ’ and this portrays a careless trait. Technological advancement has accumulated pollutants and jeopardies to the air. Earth and H2O pollution. With these jeopardies improperly disposed. coupled by the deficiency of proactive in adult male to conserve. it may present enormous menace to the environment. Man may be indulging in the success of development but the environment has paid for its cost.

Last but non least. I would propose a few solutions to undertake the Southern Cross of careless attitude in protecting the environment. Man could get down little by instilling the recycling civilization in families and organisations. Furthermore. adult male must travel out to the populace at big through community outreach and consciousness runs to leave environmental consciousness. For case. the ‘Say no to Plastic Bags’ run is a good platform to decrease careless attitude towards environment preserving and conserving. On the planetary graduated table. stricter jurisprudence enforcement and cut downing C emanation should be implemented to contend the devolution of the environment. For illustration. Carbon Room has taken inaugural to convey efficiency out of energy utilizing industries although it is dearly-won.

While adult male is the greatest marauder and menace to the environment. the ultimate also-ran in this conflict is adult male himself. This reinforces the demand for adult male to take a measure back and acknowledge their careless attitude towards the environment. Concerted effects of persons. the community and state is indispensable to battle this frailty of sloppiness. I am still convinced that man’s sloppiness is the chief factor for environmental devastation. Hence. adult male must do the first measure and get down lovingness for the environment.

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