McGregor’s Limited: Department Store Essay Sample

1. McGregor’s section from its origin has laid a great accent on personal service of its clients. James McGregor. the current president doesn’t want to destruct its old-world appeal. which differentiates it from the other departmental shops. But at the same clip he is worried that with an antique image. he will non be able to pull immature clients and finally would take to over trust on the center aged and aged patronage.

2. This twelvemonth for McGregor’s. the gross from gross revenues increased by 7. 5 % which is greater than the retail norm of 4. 9 % . McGregor believes that by pulling immature clients and selling particular goods like glasswork and foreign China. it is possible to farther acceleration turnover. accomplish greater efficiency and greater net incomes.

3. In the late 1980s there had been a moving ridge of amalgamations. The companies had become vulnerable to amalgamations because they ignored altering demographics and emerging signifiers of retailing. failed to command high disbursal construction and integrate operations. In the background of these amalgamations. McGregor believes that even though the company is making good it needed to farther better its profitableness. efficiency and turnover to forestall problem.

4. McGregor plans to transform the store’s image by enrolling younger sales representative. But despite offering competitory rewards. he is unable to enroll younger staff. He believes that by modifying some of the hierarchal forces patterns he will be able to pull younger sales representative by offering excess inducements to them.

5. One of the hierarchal patterns he is be aftering to alter is the Employee’s Discount strategy. In the current strategy. employees with a higher rank acquire a higher price reduction. Harmonizing to this strategy. the freshly recruited gross revenues people are eligible merely for a 10 % price reduction. Besides because of 33 % price reduction offered to its senior executives. the profitableness of low border goods like contraptions is badly affected.

6. McGregor wishes to implement a new 3-tier policy in which the price reduction would change harmonizing to the type of goods purchased and non the rank of the employee.

The advantages of this strategy are:

* Will pull younger sales representative. since they excessively get higher price reductions.

* Financial benefit: Savingss of $ 17. 859 ( See Exhibit 1 ) .

* Improve the operational efficiency of charge

The barrier for this strategy is the opposition it will confront from the senior executives and purchasers.

* Step 2: Problem Statement

Increase profitableness and alter the old fashioned image of the shop.

* Step 3: Statement of Aims

Short term Aims:

1. Rush up turnover of goods. addition efficiency and greater profitableness.

2. Change the shop repute of being old fashioned and attract immature clients.

3. Retain the bing patronage.

Long term Aims:

1. Greater net incomes.

2. Prevent the hazard of coup d’etat.

* Step 4: Criteria/Constraints


1. Better efficiency and profitableness

2. Cost-Benefit Analysis


1. Should non be damaging to the employee ( executive & A ; gross revenues people ) morale.

2. Retain the old appeal & A ; the bing patronage.

* Step 5: Coevals of Options

A ) Implement the new Employee Discount strategy proposed by McGregor

A1 ) Inform all employees at the same time & A ; implement it with immediate consequence.

A2 ) Offer the executives & A ; purchasers other benefits/incentives to do up for the benefits they loose.

B ) Cut operating expense and administrative disbursals. Make off with services for which the cost of service outweighs the value of the merchandise.

C ) Store a broad assortment of goods for the immature clients. Offer discounts/schemes on the high net income border goods like apparels.

D ) Offer slashed monetary values on all goods. Enter the Bargain Market.

* Step 6: Evaluation of Options

Option A:


By implementing the new price reduction strategy. the salespeople base to derive and hence this will pull younger sales representative. With immature and attractive sales representative. the younger coevals can break associate to them and will be attracted to the shop.

In the new strategy. price reduction is based on the type of good and non on the rank of the employee. This will cut down the charge clip and attempt.


In the old strategy. the executives and purchasers enjoyed a price reduction of 33 % on all goods. Under the new strategy the price reduction they will acquire will me much lesser.

Option A1: Inform all employees at the same time & A ; implement it with immediate consequence. Senior executives and the purchasers will defy this alteration. This might impede in the smooth operation of the shop.

Option A2: The fiscal addition from this strategy is equal to merely approximately 0. 5 % ( See Exhibit 2 ) of the net incomes. This addition isn’t worth the opposition of the executives. So offer them other benefits/incentives ( Ex-husband: Higher one-year salary hiking ) to do up for the benefit they will free. This will do both the gross revenues people and the executives happy.

Option Bacilluss:

The company can better its net incomes by cutting down its overhead costs and administrative disbursals.

Ex-husbands: Presently it offers free bringing to history clients within 30 stat mis of Boston. In some cases. the cost of bringing exceeds the value of the good itself. To cut down such costs. free bringing can be given merely for orders above a fixed value.

Though this would cut costs and better profitableness. this could take to fring bing clients who valued these personal services. Besides it would destruct the old-world appeal that distinguished McGregor’s from other departmental shops.

Option C:

Shop a broad assortment of goods for the immature clients. Offer price reductions on the high net income border goods like apparels.

By offering price reductions on high net income border goods. immature clients would be attracted to the shop. They will see the shop for the price reductions. and will acquire impressed by the broad assortment of goods that the shop has to offer for them. This will do them regular clients to the shop.

Option Calciferol:

Offer slashed monetary values on all goods. Enter the Bargain Market. This could take to higher gross revenues and higher turnover for the shop.

But there are already shops like Wal Mart which can afford to offer lower monetary values because of their Economies of Scale. It would be hard to vie with them and therefore could take to lesser net incomes.

* Step 7: Decision Making

The shop needs to alter its old fashioned image and pull immature clients. To accomplish that. it needs to engage younger sales representative. sell a broad assortment of goods refering to the young person and offer price reductions. The company should implement Option A2 & A ; Option C.

* Step 8: Execution

1. Meet the senior executives and the purchasers and explicate them the new employee price reduction strategy and the demand to implement it. Offer them other incentives/benefits and acquire their buy-in for implementing the new strategy.

2. Inform all sections about the new strategy and set it into immediate consequence.

3. Advertise about the new price reduction strategy for the sales representative and enroll them.

4. Conduct a study to happen the goods that the immature clients would wish to purchase and secure them.

5. Offer price reductions on goods with high net income borders. Advertise these offers and price reductions.

* Step 9: Eventuality Plan

If McGregor’s is still unable to enroll younger staff with the new employee price reduction strategy in topographic point. increase the rewards offered to them.

If even with price reductions. there is no addition in the immature clients. promote and extensively advertise strategies like ‘Scratch and Win’ . ‘Freebies’ . ‘Lucky Dip. etc. . to catch the oculus of young person.


* Exhibit 1


The mean price reduction for the for all classs is 15 %

Grade Total Bill ( in $ ) Discount ( Old Scheme ) Discount ( New Scheme )

1 53. 856 17. 950 ( 33. 3 % ) 8. 078 ( 15 % )

2 91. 520 22. 880 ( 25. 0 % ) 13. 728 ( 15 % )

3 88. 774 17. 755 ( 20. 0 % ) 13. 316 ( 15 % )

4 17. 864 3. 037 ( 17. 0 % ) 2. 679 ( 15 % )

5 29. 462 4. 419 ( 15. 0 % ) 4. 419 ( 15 % )

6 122. 848 12. 285 ( 10. 0 % ) 18. 427 ( 15 % )

Entire 78. 326 60. 467

Savingss in Discount = $ 17. 859

In Actual. the disbursement by the senior executives will travel down because of a decrease in the price reduction rate and the disbursement by the gross revenues people will travel up because of an addition in price reduction. These effects can be assumed to call off each other.

* Exhibit 2

Savingss in Discount = $ 17. 859

Current Year Net Net incomes = $ 3. 726. 939

Savingss in Discount as a per centum of Net Net incomes = 0. 5 %

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