Mise-en-scene and Cinematography of the original(1932) “Scareface” Essay Sample

For my paper I have decided to see the original “Scarface” which was directed by Howard Hawks. This movie stars Paul Muni. Ann Dvorak and George Raft. This movie was made in 1932 and was in black and white. The movie was to take topographic point in Chicago and demo a realisation of the prohibition epoch. This was about the organized offense in Chicago and slackly base on the life of Al Capone. This movie is a certain character that moves up on the rabble ladder until his ain failings catch up with him. The chief character in this movie is Tony Camonte. Tony is the adult male that has non frights and does non waver for a 2nd to kill person. In this movie you can see a reoccurring symbol that signifies many things. This symbol is the “X” in the really beginning of the movie you when you see the rubric “Scarface” and in the background you see the “X” .

This symbol is repeated throughout the movie. whether it is on a woman’s gown. in the bowling back street to mean a work stoppage. on a wooden beam after the diversion of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre or the cicatrix on Tony’s face ; either manner the “X” is a symbol for decease and that some one is or already did decease. One other topographic point we see the “X” is on the door of Guino Rinaldo and so he is killed by Tony. Since the “X” symbolizes decease we learn that Tony will finally decease in the film because he has a cicatrix on his face of an “X” . The film maker wants the audience to recognize the reoccurrence of the “X” this is manner the symbol is shown is so many times. There is another symbol we see in this movie we see a mark that says “The World Is Yours” This mark gave the Tony charter a sense of power and illustriousness.

This movie uses both sorts of puting a set and on location. Since this film is from the 1930’s you can separate the difference really easy between the two. The sets were constructed really good and look reasonably realistic. There were some scenes where they were on a set and the background was a movie itself playing to demo that they were in a auto and the background was of traffic behind them. In this movie there is the usage of tight framing and loose framing. Tight framing is used really frequently in this movie because there are ever people around the chief character. I think that this shows us that he is powerful and that everyone wants to be around him.

This movie is one of the best of it’s clip because it uses the illuming to demo enigma. set scenes and demo emotion. The lighting that is used in this movie lets the audience truly acquire an thought of what the temper is like. There is a batch of subdued lighting in this movie. The subdued lighting gives the sense of darkness and a cryptic consequence. Low-key lighting is us in most offense and horror movies because it helps with the suspense. This movie is a great illustration for the usage of subdued lighting. This lighting is used about throughout the movie. Shadows are really of import in this movie. You can see that the shadows used in this movie can stress the characters and what is go oning. There are many scenes where you can see the forms of shadows. The chief shadows that are scene are window shadows and shadows of a individual that is about to convey something to the scene.

The audience can besides see that the lighting when Tony is in the room is subdued illuming but Howard Hawks the manager makes certain that the audience could still see the cicatrix on Tony’s face. Most scenes that we see Tony. the film maker shows him from his left side of his face to stress Tony’s cicatrix. Three point lighting is used on Tony in this movie every bit good. Howard Hawks used panning in this movie particularly right in the beginning of the movie in the studies office were the manager pans across the interior of the whole office. Classy pan is used in the auto chases to demo intensified pandemonium. The movie is besides sped up so the audience knows that it is a fast auto pursuit. When watching a black and white movie you can separate the shadows and manner of illuming that is being used in the movie. It is really easy to show emotion and enigma in a black and white movie. The texture is besides great to see in a black and white movie. how it’s kind of grainy and pure but realistic.

This movie was and still is a great illustration of subdued lighting and a authoritative mobster movie of it’s clip. Many managers today could see this movie and larn many things from it. This movie has influenced many other movies about mobsters and organized offense. I believe the manner Howard Hawks moves the camera. the pans over the domino consequence of force. the expressive close-ups all add to the overall consequence of this movie.

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