My Summer Vacation Essay Sample

In the summer of “˜99 I had the opportunity to see a friend that lives in Sao Paulo. Brazil. My friend from Brazil. Ana Radeau. had come to my town the old summer and spent a semester at my high school. I had no thought of what to anticipate when I got at that place because Brazil is such a diverse state with the rain forest. along 100s of stat mis of beach. and besides with some of the biggest metropoliss in the universe. Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. But the image I had in my head was wholly different from what I saw.

On the flight there I was with another friend from my town ; and besides Ana was with us because she had come back to our town to see everyone for three hebdomads and was returning place. During the 12 hr flight at that place Ana was explicating different things of what to anticipate when we got at that place. Besides she explained to us about her amahs and how we did non hold to make anything around the house and that they would rinse our apparels. do our beds. and cook every repast for us.

When we arrived in Sao Paulo we were picked up in a white limo and driven about an hr to where Ana lives. While driving through the 2nd largest metropolis in the universe. Sao Paulo. I was shocked to see 1000s of hovels that belonged to so many hapless people. Brazil was nil like I expected ; there were hardly any trees and the pollution was so bad that I didn’t even want to open my window. I was so aghast to see the atrocious conditions that those people had to populate in.

The town that my friend lives in. Alpha Ville. is one of the richest towns in Brazil and all the houses were immense sign of the zodiacs. It was eldritch drive through the poorest portion the of the universe one minute and so the following minute looking at 100s of sign of the zodiacs that belonged to some of the richest people in Brazil.

During the class of the two hebdomads that I was in Brazil tonss of eldritch things happened. For illustration one of the yearss I went to school with Ana and it was truly deadening because I do non talk Lusitanian until her English category. Her English instructor asked me to read a narrative in English aloud to the category which had about 40 pupils. Besides while I was in Ana’s school I met an exchange pupil that was from Salem. New Hampshire. Who would of all time believe 100s of stat mis off from place in a different state that I would run into person from non merely the US but from the same province? Its amusing how we picture things in our caput to be all perfect and beautiful but in world its non so perfect at all.

I expected Brazil to be all beautiful and cheery. but it wasn’t it was during their winter so the conditions was cold most of the clip. The land had about no trees and no grass all I could see was ruddy dirt. Though I had the best clip of my life during those two hebdomads I spent in Brazil I was surely shocked of how bad other states have it. We take so much for granted ; things you would ne’er conceive of like a state that tries to assist the homeless people and I was so shocked at how small people care about their ain people and how much poorness there is. Brazil was nil how I expected it.

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