Natural Environment and Urbanization Essay Sample

Some writer believes that urbanisation is a modern disease. Make u hold? ? give your sentiment.

There is. of class. no denying that the urbanisation has been go oning in a rapid gait in last few decennaries. There are people who think it is a positive development. However. I believe it is a negative tendency because of its several awful impact on the planet we live in and on our traditional values.

Most people consider the urbanisation has several damaging effects on our natural environment. Human activities like industrialisation. building and usage of natural fuels at a rapid rate are non merely adding to Co2 emanation. it is besides making an instability in the ecosystem as bing workss and animate beings are going nonextant. Global heating. an of import of the effects of urbanisation has black hereafter results. Therefore. Flood. tsunami. are few illustration of likely natural catastrophe that can go on with the rise in planetary temperature and runing glaciers. Apart from environmental jobs. there are several societal issues excessively that are attributed to urbanisation.

In add-on to the affects on nature. urbanisation besides touches societal facet of our life. Entities of our society like linguistic communication. civilization and traditional accomplishments are being endangered because of this tendency which is. in fact. a great loss to the cultural heritage of a part. For illustration. more people are geting modern accomplishments to last. as it is a demand of urbanisation excessively. there are really few people who would make fishing or agriculture and these accomplishments are vanishing. This loss of cultural heritage is about inevitable and irreparable.

In decision. worlds are so busy in constructing a comfy life for themselves and are non able to see what a great loss urbanisation is bearing.

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