OJT Narrative Report Essay Sample


Aloha Hotel was established in 1995 as one of the subordinate companies of Goldbell Phil. . Inc. with hotel and eating house as its primary line of concern.

It was merely a 3 – floor edifice until it became on what is now a 6 storey hotel after merely a twosome of old ages of successful operation.

To maintain and abreast with the industry’s stiff competition. the hotel is continuously upgrading its installations. To render efficient service to our valued invitees. uninterrupted work force preparation and development is one of the chief concerns of Aloha direction.

At present. Aloha Hotel is the lone standard hotel along Roxas Boulevard overlooking the historic Manila Bay in Malate. Manila.


We believe ; our first duty is to our invitee in run intoing their demands. we focus our competences to function them quickly with a degree of consistence. We provide services them the highest value for their money.


Aloha Hotel is designed to be the masterful hotel and leisure experience. service excellence. a pride and inspiration of a Filipino state. Aloha a legendary hotel.


MOCA. INC. was incorporated on May 12. 1959 with concern reference at 1250 Roxas Boulevard. Malate Manila. It is one of the subordinate companies of Goldbell Phil. Inc. that owned and manages the followers:

1. Lagos Del Sol Resort and Hotel. Inc.
2. Sunshine Transportation. Inc.
3. El Sol Tours. Inc.
4. Southeast Travel and Tours
5. Goldenwealth Inc.
6. Premier Vima Realty. Inc.

The company is chiefly engaged in the Hotel and Restaurant Business. It manages and operates Aloha Hotel and its restaurant mercantile establishments viz. ;

Sze – Chuan Restaurant
Cafe Felisa Coffee Shop

It is being managed by professional and competent directors and staff.

The Board of Directors and Officers are as follows ;

1. Mr. Manuel O. Chua – Chairman
2. Mr. Dorian L. Chua – President and Gen. Manager
3. Mr. Lilong L. Chua – First Vice – President and Assistant Treasurer 4. Mr. Ernesto B. Paje – Second Vice – President
5. Ms. Felisa L. Chua – Treasurer and Secretary

III. Summary of the OJT/ Practicum Program


It was March 5. 2014. Wednesday when I started my 2nd On – the – occupation preparation at Aloha Hotel in Roxas Boulevard Malate. Manila. I was assigned at Food and Beverage Gross saless Office. On my first twenty-four hours I was really nervous and at the same clip I am aroused because of the new environment. The warm welcome of all the employees there is the ground why I was able to set easy. That clip I have no thought on what undertaking is I am traveling to make. My OJT supervisor accompanied me to my tabular array where I will be remaining during my OJT. The first undertaking they asked me to make is to clean their office. to register all the paperss and of import documents in their proper receptacle. During my first twenty-four hours the Banquet Manager of the hotel. one of my foremans and besides serves as one of my OJT supervisor. tour me on the hotel’s eating house ( Cafe Felisa and Sze – Chuan Restaurant ) . On my first twenty-four hours they teach me the usual undertakings that I perchance encounter mundane like how to look into and update the reserve logbook of the eating houses from the month of March until December. having telephone calls. run offing. facsimile and encryption of of import paperss. letters. grosss. and memoranda. set uping files. doing event order where all the sections should subscribe to inform them that there will be an event/function within that hebdomad and other office related activities. In making all this work. I kept in my head to ever to my best non to perpetrate error and ever make what is right. During the whole first hebdomad of my internship I was besides assigned in Cafe Felisa Coffee Shop

IV. Assessment of the OJT/ Practicum Program

A. New cognition. attitudes. and accomplishments acquired.

For about a month that I took my internship at Aloha hotel I learned a batch of values. new cognition and accomplishments that made me non merely as a better pupil trainee but besides a better individual because this internship serves as a beginning for me. a stepping rock to a existent life of being an employee. Like larning to be with others. to work with other people. I besides learned to accept unfavorable judgment particularly on times when I committed errors. Self – assurance is besides something I truly gained or develop in this experience. As my whole experience in this internship I encounter different types of people and state of affairs because of this I learned how to manage my emotions like being or holding a batch of forbearance. commanding my pique and how to decide a job and it is one of the most of import facets in this industry.

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