Policies and Procedures Essay

Policy: A individual bespeaking a release of patient information other than him or her ego. demands to correctly place the logical thinking for the information and proper legal paperss necessitate to be completed. such as an mandate signifier signed by the patient. Under certain fortunes. the release of information would non necessitate mandate due to certain federal and province legislative acts ; these are explained in the measuring criterions.

Aim: To protect patient’s single rights to the privateness. security. and confidentiality of medical information being released to others by entering mandate information into the database with truth and in a timely mode. The patient’s specific mandate signifiers must be filed within 24 hours of admittance.


1. The patient must unwrap their written mandate by finishing an mandate signifier prior to the release of patient information to a wellness attention supplier. an person who assists a wellness attention supplier in the bringing of wellness attention. or an agent of the wellness attention supplier. 2. If the patient decides to finish an mandate signifier. we are required to honour that mandate and. if requested. supply a transcript of the recorded wellness information unless the wellness attention supplier denies the patient entree to wellness information. 3. To be valid. a revelation of mandate must be in composing. dated. and signed by the patient. Identify the nature of the information to be disclosed. place the name and institutional association of the individual to whom the information is being disclosed. place the supplier and the patient. and incorporate an termination day of the month that relates to the patient. 4. A patient may revoke in composing a revelation mandate to a wellness attention supplier at any clip unless revelation is required to set up payments for wellness attention that has been provided or other significant action has been taken in trust on the mandate.

5. A wellness attention supplier or installation may unwrap patient wellness information without the patient’s mandate in the event of the receiver needs to cognize the information because the supplier or installation moderately believes the individual is supplying wellness attention to the patient. 6. Disclosure without mandate may besides be made to federal. province. or local jurisprudence enforcement governments upon reception of a written or unwritten petition made to a nursing supervisor. decision maker. or designated privateness functionary. in a instance in which the patient is being treated or has been treated for a slug lesion gunfire lesion. pulverization burn. or other hurt originating from or caused by discharge of a piece.

7. A wellness attention supplier shall keep a record of bing wellness attention information for at least one twelvemonth following a reception of an mandate to unwrap that wellness attention information under RCW 70. 02. 040. and during the pendency of a petition for scrutiny and copying under RCW 70. 02. 080. or a petition for rectification or amendment under RCW 70. 02. 100. 8. The mandate must be entered into the database within the first 24 hours of completion ; hence. other staff members in the installation such as suppliers and other members of the ROI section will cognize the bounds to the release of that patient’s information if requested upon. State and Federal Statutes: RCW70. 02. 020. RCW 70. 02. 030. RCW 70. 02. 040. RCW 70. 02. 050. RCW 70. 02. 160.

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