Scared to Death Essay

During the latter portion of the twelvemonth in Massachusetts. 1918. all snake pit broke free. Jane Brox. the writer of the lay waste toing essay “Influenza 1918. ” describes the grippe that happened in her hometown before she was born as she states “the grippe cut right through. distributing in front of its ain rumours. go throughing on a handshaking and on the air current and with the lightest buss. ” ( Brox 80 ) . The grippe was airborne and unstoppable. Deadly. the little infirmaries began to make full up with patients sickened and contaminated with the virus more and more each twenty-four hours. the townsfolk were scared for their lives. physicians were non even entering the names of the deceased any longer because there were so many victims. gauze masks used to assist forestall the taint sold out from every shop. they did nil. Chaos! Everyone was on their ain. praying to God that they would non catch the virus each and every clip they took a measure outside and besides every clip they put something to their oral cavity. Harmonizing to the docudrama provided by the American Experience plan. “It was the worst epidemic this state has of all time known. It killed more Americans than all the wars this century—combined. ” ( “Influenza 1918” 1 ) .

Though this epidemic seemed to be one of the biggest calamities that America has seen since the Civil War. the bulk of Americans merely are non cognizant of the Influenza of 1918 because despite the fact that the epidemic was in the corporate consciousness of the state in 1918 like World War I. an event that the bulk of Americans today are cognizant of. the epidemic was experienced separately and hence non taught in grade-school text editions. the war at the clip seemed to be more of import in the country’s eyes. and that America merely merely does non back up it. Grade school is the primary beginning where the bulk of Americans learn about historical history. Sing as the bulk of Americans are still incognizant of the influenza epidemic of 1918. this suggests that this epidemic is non taught in grade school today. Dr. Alfred Crosby. writer of American’s Forgotten Pandemic. suggests why he believes America is incognizant of the incident. He suggests. “It is in the single memory of a great many of us. but it’s non in our corporate memory. ” ( “Influenza 1918” 19 ) .

By this. Crosby insists that the deceases from the grippe were pointless ; whereas. for illustration. when a soldier dies. they die because they were functioning their state ; when a sickened individual dies. they die without a ground. Dr. Shirley Fannin. an epidemiologist on the same subject says. “It’s likely because it was so atrocious while it was go oning. so awful. that people merely got rid of the memory. ” ( “Influenza 1918” 19 ) . Each decease that occurred happened so rapidly and in battalions that physicians began separating the deceased by their address’s street name. age. or nationality merely to salvage clip as they saw their other 100s of instances each twenty-four hours. It could be a possibility that America does non wish to hold these reoccurring tragic memories affecting the influenza epidemic of 1918 because there was no manner to halt it and no 1 to fault but America themselves. During this clip period. all the American authorities most guiltily cared about was winning the war.

World War I. besides known as the Great War at the clip. took over all the attending of the people. outlining every tantrum soldier and making whatever they could to win the war. The grippe took away the attending of the people for a few months while it outraged but overall the state was still focused on winning the war more significantly. Crosby references. “There were two tremendously of import things traveling on at one time and they were at right angles to each other. One. of class. was the influenza epidemic. which dictated that you should screen of shut everything down and the war which demanded that everything should rush up. that surely the mills should go on runing. you should go on to hold bond thrusts. soldiers should be put on boats and sent off to France.

It’s as if we could. as a society. merely contain one large thought at a clip and the large thought was the war. ” ( “Influenza 1918” 7 ) . The authorities forced the people to work. doing them to put on the line their lives by acquiring ill and because the grippe was airborne there was no manner to halt the deathly taint. As stated by the storyteller of the docudrama. “With the war intensifying. federal functionaries continued to set Americans at hazard. One September twenty-four hours. they called 13 million immature work forces to register for the bill of exchange. The work forces jammed together in school houses. metropolis halls. station offices. ” ( “Influenza 1918” 7 ) . Bing in such tight quarters with the sick. legion sums of soldiers became ill every bit good. On top of being scared for their lives of catching the grippe at place. many immature Americans were besides terrified of catching the grippe during the war.

Another ground why most Americans are non cognizant of the grippe today is merely because America does non back up the epidemic. For illustration. America has many commemorations. statues. and cemeteries for the fallen soldiers throughout America’s history. but none remain for the grippe of 1918. There is no given vacation either to retrieve the lives lost and cherished as they suffered from the grippe. Brox mentions her male parent. “Out of nowhere he mentions the visible radiations of the tent infirmary. as if he could still see them. unusual and clear. ” ( Brox 86 ) .

Sing as it was one of the greatest losingss America as a state has of all time suffered. the idea that there is no grounds or commemoration for the fallen is merely annihilating and disrespectful. 9-11. America’s most recent calamity is still remembered today by the bulk of the population in America and should ne’er be forgotten. America has presented commemorations located around the metropolis of New York to assist retrieve what one time has happened that really sad twenty-four hours.

As the epidemic was experienced separately. it was chosen non to be taught in grade-school text editions. and because the mighty war at the same clip seemed to be more of import in the country’s avaricious eyes. people today began to bury what genuinely happened so long ago. and that fact that America does non back up the grippe by making commemorations or by at least offering a twenty-four hours of the twelvemonth to assist retrieve the fallen victims merely puts an mentality on life of what America. as a state. is truly back uping.

It comes to the decision that the bulk of Americans genuinely ne’er learned of the influenza epidemic of 1918 and are non cognizant of the true agony that the many. many people went through as they sickened twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and had to contend the airborne virus out at that place that was crawling about everything and anything as they lived their lives terrified of the true compunction that they felt from the fallen victims of the grippe: household members. friends. coworkers. neighbours. kids. political figures. and much. much more people died from this event in such a short sum of clip that caused such an epidemic battle created by the fright that was risen up inside of them all.

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