Schindler’s List: Personal Reflection Essay Sample

Oskar Schindler was Nazi in good position with the government. as his gold pin would propose. A married adult male. he lived with a German kept woman and maintained an matter with his secretary. He was a astute man of affairs. and his traffics were frequently under the tabular array. and his concern thrived through payoffs. When Schindler set up his war-time concern and successfully secured Hebrews from the ghetto as employees. his exclusive purpose was to gain handsomely for himself. He paid the Jews in sort. with pots and pans and other merchandises made at the mill. which they could barter in the ghetto. It is difficult to conceive of that a adult male with this background saved eleven 100 Jews.

When the film comes to an terminal. one watches the lasting Hebrews from Schindler’s bequest along with their posterities. and there is a sense of elation. But that elation is ephemeral. when one considers that this film is in memory of all the Jews that lost their lives. and that figure adds up to six million. What becomes clear when Schindler’s attempts are observed is the deficiency of value of Judaic lives. The Nazi government considered them sub-human. and this is apparent in Goeth’s random killing flings. about as if the Jews were animate beings waiting to be hunted for athletics. This deficiency of regard for the Jews becomes even more apparent sing Schindler was able to purchase the 11 hundred he saved by paying Goeth. As a Nazi. it was Goeth’s prerogative to behave these Jews. directing them to their extinction at concentration cantonments. But for a amount of money. his precedences were easy altered.

Today. the 11 hundred Schindler Jews have multiplied and have over six 1000 posterities. It is cheering to believe that there were Nazi’s and Germans in Germany who had thoughts other than the mass slaying of Jews. These are the Germans that have turned Germany’s lucks and policies around and do them one the world’s foremost advocates of peace today. The film ends on a inspiriting note. with one Jew observing. “If you salvage one life. you save the universe entire” .

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