Scorpions by Walter Dean Myers Essay

This book is about a child named Jamal Hicks. and his best friend named Tito Cruz. Jamal have a brother that is in gaol. because he stabbed another individual. so Jamal’s mammas need to acquire the money to acquire him out of gaol. Jamal has a bad clip at school. because he doesn’t make his prep. and he is ever acquiring in problem. and he is ever on Mr. Davidson office { the principal of the school } . He besides has a immature sister named Sassy. At school there is a child named Dwayne. and he ever a fuss to Jamal. thats why sometimes Jamal gets in problem.

His brother Randy the 1 that in gaol. he had a group named the Scorpions he was the leader the group. the group does tonss of things. like they sold drugs. and cleft. and material like that. Jamal have a friend in the Scorpions his named is Mack. and Mack told to Jamal that if he want to roll up the money that were 2000 thousand dollars. he can be in the Scorpions and he can be the leader. he said that he can take Randy topographic point until he gets out of gaol.

The following twenty-four hours Jamal told to Tito that he is traveling to run the Scorpions. and that he can be at that place excessively with him. The following twenty-four hours they went together with Mack to travel and run into the other Scorpions. and Mack gave a gun to the childs. so they feel protected. so they go with the other cats and there were 3 cats one was Indian. Blood. and Angel. Jamal told them that he is merely 12 old ages old. and he is really immature to run this group. but know he is the leader of the Scorpions.

In school Dwayne fusss Jamal. so Jamal gets angry. and Dwayne said that he wants to contend Jamal outside. but Jamal had to convey the gun to school. so when they were contending Jamal took the gun and scared Dwayne. but Dwayne in the battle punched Jamal in the face. Jamal is scared that Dwayne is gon na state person about the gun. Tito and Jamal are believing if they are traveling to throw the gun off. so Jamal told Tito that if he can maintain this for a piece. Indian the 1 that wants to be the leader is seeking to ache Jamal. so he can be the leader.

The following twenty-four hours Randy was on the infirmary. the physicians said that person stabbed him. Jamal thinks that it was Indian. The following twenty-four hours Tito said that Abuela { Tito’s grandmother } found the gun and told to him to ne’er come back. Tito was shouting a batch. Jamal don’t want to be the leader of the Scorpions any longer. because he is traveling to be in so much problem. so he told Mack that he desire to state to Indian that he can be the leader of the Scorpions. Indian said that he can run into him at the park at 11 o’clock at the dark.

Jamal asked Tito that can he come with him? Tito said yes. and Jamal told Tito to convey the gun. They were at the park and Indian and Angel were over there waiting for them. Jamal told Indian that he didn’t desire to be the leader of the Scorpions anymore. that he can be the leader now. Indian said O.K. . but he pushed Jamal. and punched him in the tummy. the Angel grabbed his organic structure to Indian punched him in the face. Then when Jamal woke up Angel was on the floor. and Indian excessively. Tito he shot them.

This narrative reminds me when I was the leader of a group. and it was truly difficult. because you need to make so much work. and besides taking attention of the group. I think the childs { Jamal. and Tito } when they got the gun they said that they feel protected. but I think they feel scared. because the constabulary. or a household member can catch them. and put them in gaol. I predict hat in the hereafter of this book will go on like. this male child will acquire in problem. because Abuela found the gun. and Tito shoot person. and besides Dwayne can state person about the gun. like his ma. the principal of the school. or a instructor.

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