“Seduction” by Eileen McAuley Essay Sample

The first portion of the verse form “Seduction” is a narrative about a immature miss who is seduced by a male child after the party. and accordingly becomes pregnant. The 2nd subdivision describes how the miss so regrets her determination. In general the poet does intends her reader to experience understanding for the miss. She does this by utilizing many different poetic techniques.

But while the bulk of the verse form instills a sense of compassion for the miss it can besides be read critically of her. For illustration. as the poet writes that she drank vodka through the phrase “she knocked it back like water” . utilizing imagination to connote that she drinks alcohol on a regular basis or that at the really least she should hold been more responsible for her ain well-being.

In another stanza the poet once more implies that the miss is non every bit guiltless as she seems as she went to “day trips to Blackpool. leaping all the rides” . This indicates that she was a bad miss. non paying for the attractive forces she is basking.

We can see that the miss is rather intelligent. as she is seen “chattering” about her O-levels. Therefore the miss should hold been much more responsible in her handling of the incident. and ought to hold known the hazards involved in holding sex alternatively of blindly following gratifying pieces of fiction in her magazines.

However. the general sense of the verse form entails a sense of understanding for the girl- much like a telecasting show in which the audience can already think what will go on. but still can non assist but to experience unhappiness for the events that happened.

The reader gets this perceptual experience from the really get downing. get downing with how the male child is shown- his intent in the narrative is merely to score the miss. as we can see from the first stanza: “He led her to the quiet bricks of Birkenhead docks. ” which besides implies that the male child is charge of the miss. The poet uses narrative to put up the location of the verse form and to demo the general narrative.

The reader besides gets many intimations from the verse form about the boy’s personality through extended usage of imagination. The miss “fell in love with his eyes every bit bluish as iodine” . Through this usage of imagination. the male child seems to be pictured as toxicant. since I is a toxicant. The miss hence seems to hold been defiled by the male child.

In another subdivision the boy’s character is one time once more described indirectly. but this clip utilizing personification. As the male child brings the miss to the Mersey River. it is conveyed every bit “green as a infected lesion. ” every bit good as “the scaring trash on the water” . The environment personifies the boy’s character- sickly. terrorization and unsafe. Here the reader can sympathise with the miss as she seems guiltless and has been violated by the male child.

The artlessness of the miss is shown through “all high white shoes” . White normally represents all that has been untainted- the places are symbolic of the girl’s pureness. Later. after she found out that she became pregnant “she broke the heels of her high white shoes” . This symbolizes the loss of the girl’s virginity. and one time once more allows the reader to experience sorry for the manner she lost it.

It could be said that the gestation was partially the mistake of the media. Halfway through the verse form the miss is said to hold “ripped up all her My Guy and her Jackie photo-comics. until they were merely bright paper. confetti strewn” . The reader sees that she evidently blames the magazines she has read for non warning her of the risks- and hence took a big portion in her going pregnant. This is emphasized by the usage of confetti- as confetti is normally used in felicity. when people get married. Ironically though the poet uses it alternatively to demo a similar event. but in no manner at all happy. The reader empathizes with the miss as the poet leads us to believe that in some manner the media “betrayed” her.

The attitude that the society shows towards the miss is really of import. The poet states that “where. now. were the pink smiling faces in the image? ” This shows that society rejects her after she became pregnant- all her friends had left her. This is strengthened by the fact that it is a
rhetorical inquiry.

This rejection by society is farther shown that it is “better to be smoking scented drugs. or maturating invisibly. unemployed. Better to destruct your life in modern. man-made ways than to fall into this ugly feminine nothingness. ” In here. the poet states that she would be looked more favourable by society if she was to take drugs or be unemployed. Subsequently. it besides states that it would be better to be anorexic instead than by chance become pregnant. The last line. “than to hold the neighbours whisper that “you ever looked the type” . This is highly strong. both because it is the last line in the verse form. every bit good as the fact that this is personal- even the neighbours. who originally may hold liked her suddenly reject her because she became pregnant.

Last the poet herself uses narrative voice. During the last two stanzas. she claims that it is “better” to make these things instead than to go pregnant. However. through this the reader can besides place that she is being sarcastic. utilizing “better” in a contemptuous manner. In fact. she does non reject the miss. as she states “with a quietly rounded belly” . Rather. she sees it as a beautiful thing and criticizes the manner society Acts of the Apostless against the miss. Therefore. the reader sympathizes with the miss because the poet herself does so.

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