The 1950’s An American History: Brief overview of 1950’s culture Essay Sample

The Fifties was a clip of the atomic household. “I Love Lucy” . and things like the Hawaiian dancing hoop. Peoples dressed the same. talked the same. and acted the same. It was besides a clip of the Red Scare and Korean War. The authorities used fright tactics and were largely unquestioned. When turn toing the Fifties more frequently so non will you hear that it was a clip of Conformity. The bulk of the 1950ss was a clip of cultural and societal conformance with little perverts starting up every one time in a piece.

The bulk of people view the 1950ss as an idyllic clip of conformance. Families played their function in supplying for their state and everyone was on the expression out for a Communist. When a individual swayed from the norm they were looked at as a menace. Everyone was on the expression out for a Communist and the bomb could drop at any minute. and the consequence of this was aggregate conformance. No 1 wanted to be different because if they did they risked losing friends and being accused of being an enemy of the state. The beginning of the conformance and the fright came from the authorities seeking to hotfoot the American people into the cold war and against the Communists is portrayed in the words of J. Edgar Hoover. “Every American Communist was. and is. potentially an espionage agent of the Soviet Union. ”

The typical household in the 1950ss is normally known as a atomic household or traditional household. A atomic household is a household consisting of a male parent. a female parent. and two biological siblings. The male parent would travel to work everyday and come place to his dinner on the tabular array his married woman waiting for him and his two childs off making their prep or playing. He would be dressed in a grey flannel suit with his married woman have oning a frock tight in the waist and high heels. The boy would be dressed in bluish denims and a white jersey with his girl in a poodle skirt and have oning her high school jacket. The childs would be listening to this new music called rock-n-roll while their parents were disbelieving about it.

Not everybody conformed to the norm ; there were perverts who broke off from the way. There were groups of people who. while rolling from what most people did. still conformed to their ain manner. wetbacks and surfboarders deviated from the normal class. There was a communist party in the 1950’s every bit good examples in the media that strayed from common subjects. The black rights motions were acquiring bigger and bigger.

The general music in the 1950ss was rock-n-roll. with creative persons like Bill Haley & A ; the Comets. Elvis Presley. and Chuck Barry being popular. This was the music of the young person with 1000s flocking to see Elvis Presley concerts. and the older coevals. Parents wouldn’t let their childs to travel and see the concert for fright that they would someway be corrupted by this new vibrant music. Having sprung Forth from rockabilly. rock-n-roll took clasp of the nation’s young person and helped convey on the Cultural Revolution that was shortly to come in the 1950ss.

The civil rights motion may non hold climaxed in the 1950ss but it was surely deriving velocity. The instruction system was desegregated in the instance of Brown v. the Board of Education. black jocks started to go accepted into major athleticss such as Jackie Robinson. and Martin Luther King Jr. was emerging as a spokesman for African Americans. There was opposition to these occurrences for illustration in the town of Little Rock. The Klu Klux Klan was besides at its biggest during the 1950ss but civil rights were deriving importance as a political issue.

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