”The Catcher in the Rye” and ”Great Expectations” by J.D. Salinger and Charles Dickens Essay Sample

When analysing and comparing The Catcher in the Rye and Great Expectations. by J. D. Salinger and Charles Dickens severally. one normally stops and ponders. what can these two novels perchance have in common? Well I can state you. quite a batch. To get down with. both are fictional autobiographies. narrated personally by the supporters. that is Holden and Pip. However. regardless of the fact that they are both narrated in the first individual. one. Great Expectations is a full life narrative. and you can state by the really get downing. Pip starts by giving us a full background description of his ego and his household. hence get downing his autobiography from the really get downing. Holden. on the other manus starts with the really quote ” If you truly want to hear about it. the first thing you’ll likely want to cognize is where I was born and what my icky childhood was like. and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me and all that David Copperfield sort of dirt. but I don’t experience like traveling into it. if you want to cognize the truth. ” This demonstrates. exactly that he has perfectly no purpose of stating you his whole life narrative. merely the portion he finds relevant.

Both novels are besides retrospectives. that is they are supporters revisiting their past experiences and go throughing them on to the reader. nevertheless. there is once more a dramatic difference. in Catcher in the Rye. when Holden narrates his experiences he is merely a few hebdomads or months older than he was when the happenings really took topographic point. that means. he has had clip to rethink his actions but he is non significantly more mature and has accepted them or had clip to cover with them. Shoot on the other manus. tells his narrative many and many old ages after it has taken topographic point. the are “older Pip’s” contemplations. he has had clip to cover with it and understand his actions and the significance of his narrative. therefore his narration will likely be much more pondered than Holden’s. That clearly shows in the construction of the first subdivision of both the novels. Great Expectations is a wholly rational patterned advance. it starts with his name. moves on to his household and concludes with his universe. clearly making an ambiance and presenting a character. Catcher in the Rye. on the other manus. seems much more like the narrator’s ideas straight translated into paper. so a carefully structured novel.

In Great Expectations. the writer clearly demonstrates elements of a formal literary manner. he uses articulate vocabulary and looks. like ” Entertain an opinion” instead so merely hold one. Dickens besides uses long complex. frases. which requires the readers’ full. undivided attending in order to associate the beginning of each sentence to its distant terminal. Salinger on the other manus. utilizes a much more informal sort of book. slang and popular looks appear really often in The Catcher in the Rye. which is absolutely apprehensible given that the storyteller is a 17 year-old.

It is evident in Dickens’ manner that does non merely seek to entertain or divert the reader. but to promote the dramatic and literary experience of the linguistic communication. His long and luxuriant sentences suggest a powerful manner that captivates the reader from the beginning to the terminal. several lines and thought lines later. Salinger has a note-worthy manner as good. despite his less classical signifier of composing. His more insouciant manner and less so proper vocabulary bring Holden Caulfield to life. He writes as if he were the character. a 17 year-old New Yorker form the 40s. the linguistic communication and the manner straight entice the reader because it is easier to place and associate to this less formal sort of book. because it is closer to the manner we speak. so to lucubrate Victorian lines.

In a nutshell. despite their marker manners. different as they may be. both The Catcher in the Rye. and Great Expectations. are both fantastic classics that entice the reader. Regardless of their contradicting attacks. both novels. are of the same basic nature and expression to state the narrative of two male childs and their several crises and successes.

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