The Danger of Gender Role Expectations Essay Sample

The construct of a male-dominated society has been around since the beginning of recorded history. to the extent that adult females were viewed as inferior persons relative to work forces. Work force dominated the universe sphere. from political relations. scientific discipline. and throughout history. This manner of thought was frequently abused and. as ever. adult females were at the having terminal of these maltreatments. Foremost of this is the construct of maleness.

It is a fact that cultural norms and outlooks about maleness cause injury to adult females and work forces. and the society in general. One good illustration of a norm so was the prohibition of adult females to vote. Elections are meant to be avenues to take leaders to take a society. This is done by the general populace. The exclusion of adult females to vote so was important to change the consequences of a given election. Corrupt leaders may be elected because of this. In the long tally society suffers.

Apart from the danger of sexually transmitted diseases caused by the thought that work forces who engage in intercourse with different persons is a butch adult male. the construct of maleness poses a danger in footings of economic system. It is a fact that some persons opt that the adult females in their lives should remain in their places making family jobs. This would significantly cut down the figure of work force that a province needs to run its industries and commercialism.

Gender equality in the society has non been achieved. It seems that it is a Utopian ideal which is so difficult to accomplish. Rape. matrimonial maltreatments. and sedate coercion consequence from machismo. What is ingrained in the heads of persons is that work forces and maleness make the universe run its class. and that all the adult females have to make is to function them. This creates an instability in the society which is damaging or damaging to the “inferior” category.

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