The first writing assignment Essay

This composing sample fulfills the first composing assignment in the class.

Instruction manuals:

Harmonizing to The Little Seagull Handbook. “A descriptive authorship provides specific inside informations to demo what something looks like—and possibly how it sounds. feels. odors. and tastes” ( Bullock. Brody. and Weinberg 23 ) . Descriptive statements should do a “clear dominant impression” ( Bullock. Brody. and Weinberg 367 ) and should turn out a point.

To the best of what you know about college-level authorship. compose an essay about one of the followers:

• Describe the best season of the twelvemonth
• Describe the best town to see ( or live )
• Describe an ideal vacation

Your end is to compose 400 words or more. After you complete the authorship. come in your word count at the top of the page in the space provided.

A basic essay has a rubric. presentation. organic structure. and near.

Underline the thesis ( chief point ) in the presentation.

If you are handwriting. double-space ( jump a line between lines ) and compose on the forepart of page merely. Staple this sheet to the top of your essay and topographic point any optional planning at the underside after the essay.

If you are typing in a lab or nomadic lab puting. dual infinite the papers. If you print the sample. staple this page to the top and include any optional planning on the underside after the essay.

If you are typing in a lab or nomadic lab puting. your teacher may inquire you to subject your papers to a dropbox. The teacher will give you further inside informations on how to upload your papers.

Good fortune with your first writing assignment!

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