The Indian Ocean Trade Network 100 – 1500 Essay Sample

The Indian Ocean Trade spread diseases and created more feuds. but largely. it linked civilizations. distribute new faiths. enhanced trading accomplishments. and increased economic growing in several different parts of the universe. Before the Indian Ocean Trade. most parts knew nil of their adjacent civilisations. This trade web united the universe. Because of it. merely about all civilisations are familiar with each other.

The Indian Ocean Trade began with little trading colonies around 800 A. D. . and ended in the 1500’s when Portugal invaded and tried to run the trade for its ain net income. As trade intensified between Africa and Asia. powerful city states flourished along the eastern seashore of Africa. These city states traded with inland lands like Great Zimbabwe to obtain gold. tusk. and Fe. These stuffs were so sold to topographic points like India. Southeast Asia. and China via the Indian Ocean Trade. and could be sold at a net income because they were scarce in Asiatic states. At the same clip. the East African city states were purchasing points from Asia. Many occupants of the city states were willing to pay high monetary values for cotton. silk. and porcelain objects. These points were expensive because they were non available in Africa at the clip. The city states were easy to make from Asia by ship because of the favourable air current and ocean currents. And merchandisers enjoyed the all right eating houses. lodging. and amusement offered by the port metropoliss.

A Lusitanian captain Vasco district attorney Gama came upon the hustling port metropoliss of Sofala. Kilwa. Mombasa. and Malindi as he sailed up the eastern seashore of Africa in 1498. His mission was to happen a path to Asia by sailing from Portugal. around Africa. so on to India. European states had been purchasing Asiatic goods for old ages through other. more hard paths. Vasco da Gama did finally make India. In 1499. he returned to Portugal and told the male monarch and queen. who had sponsored his ocean trip. everything that he’d seen. including the boatloads gold. tusk. porcelain. silk. and cotton being bought and sold in the port metropoliss along the eastern seashore of Africa.

The Lusitanian so started merchandising with the Indians and other parts that had been unknown to them. While trading. the Portuguese wanted to derive control over the full Indian Ocean trade. They captured the port metropoliss. so wrecked. looted. and burned them to the land. killing the occupants of the metropoliss. This was one of the feuds that had been created during the clip. Diseases were brought by the Lusitanian crewmans and merchandisers. and were spread throughout the part of the Indian Ocean.

However. the Lusitanian didn’t merely bring diseases. And the Portuguese weren’t the lone people who traded through the Indian Ocean Trade. As people from other states traded every bit good. they brought their civilization. faiths. and other values and beliefs that fascinated the people who lived along the Indian Ocean parts. Therefore. the trade was a manner of distributing faiths and civilizations. and adhering civilisations together. Besides. by merchandising assorted goods and ware. the economic systems of the trading states grew and they became experts at trading.

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