The Presidential Cabinet Members Essay Sample

The current disposal of President George Bush is composed of 21 cabinet members. Their undertaking is to rede the president in explicating policies and assist him do determinations on how to pull off the state more efficaciously and expeditiously. The cabinet takes charge of the different authorities sections in order to implement the president’s plans for the state.

Mike Johanns. who grew up in a dairy farm in Iowa. is the Secretary of Agriculture. His undertaking is to guarantee that there is adequate nutrient supply. secure nutrient production. and heighten nutrient safety where Americans eat healthy and alimentary nutrients. He is besides responsible for spread outing the markets of agricultural merchandises to other states. supply nutrient aid during crisis. and protect the natural resources such as lands. Secretary Johanns has served as city manager ( two footings ) in Lincoln. Nebraska and finally became governor. With a jurisprudence grade. he has sponsored 21 farm measure forums in 48 provinces and traveled the universe advancing trade understandings to sell American agricultural and farm merchandises.

Dirk Kempthorne is the Secretary of the Interior. His mission is to conserve every bit good as precaution America’s natural and cultural heritage. fish. workss and wildlife including their home grounds. land and H2O resources. energy and mineral resources. and offer households and tourers diversions in assorted national Parkss. Part of his occupation is to protect the Indian folk and island communities. Prior to his assignment. Secretary Kempthorne was city manager of Boise. Idaho and served two footings as governor. He was a senator from 1993 to 1999. At the start of his public life. Sec. Kempthorne advocated enterprises to continue America’s rich natural resources to better the quality of life. Recognized as a national leader. he was elected to head assorted organisations and received legion awards for his plants.

Carlos Gutierrez represents the authorities in concern here and abroad as Secretary of Commerce. His function is to beef up the US economic system by heightening American industries and advancing better export chances to other states. He meets with foreign authoritiess and concern leaders to open planetary markets for American merchandises and promote investors to make concern in America. With a grade in Business Administration. Secretary Gutierrez climbed his manner from a gross revenues representative to president. to main executive officer and later president of the board of Kellogg Company. Born in Cuba. he besides serves as co-chair for the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba inventing policies to free Cubans from the absolutism.

Alberto Gonzales is the Secretary of Justice or the Attorney General whose precedence is to protect the state from terrorist act. As a attorney. his mission is to implement the jurisprudence. guarantee public safety. enforce merely penalty. prevent and control offense. Furthermore. he is tasked to overlook the prisons and inmates. look into frauds. aid victims of offenses. and uphold civil rights and autonomies. He has served as White House Counsel to President George Bush. Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. Texas’ State Secretary. General Counsel to so Governor Bush. Chief Elections Officer. and a governor’s liaison officer on boundary line issues. Before fall ining public office. he was a jurisprudence professor at the University of Houston Law Center and a spouse of Vinson & A ; Elkins L. L. P. jurisprudence house.

Robert M. Gates is the Secretary of Defense. His undertaking is to explicate general defence schemes to protect the state by supplying military forces to debar war and defend American involvements at place and overseas. He advises the president on national security issues and co-ordinates with other states sing American foreign policy. With a master’s grade in history and a doctor’s degree in Russian and Soviet History. Gates served as Director and Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency for approximately 27 old ages and nine old ages at the National Security Council. He was Interim Dean of the George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A & A ; M University and subsequently became president. Published in 1996. Gates wrote a memoir entitled From the Shadows: The Ultimate Insiders Story of Five Presidents and How They Won the Cold War.

Elaine L. Chao is the Secretary of Labor. Her occupation is to advance and take attention of the wellness and safety of the country’s work force every bit good as procure their retirements and do them competitory globally. Her duties besides include turn toing labour differences. funding preparation plans for disjointed workers to elate unemployment. supply equal employment chance. and guarantee that companies implement just labour patterns.

Besides her Master’s in Business Administration and a grade in Economics. Chao has 28 honorary doctorial grades. She was Deputy Secretary and Deputy Maritime Administrator at the US Department of Transportation. White House Fellow. and Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission. She was Director of the Peace Corps. President and Chief Executive Officer of United Way of America. Vice President of Syndications at Bank America Capital Markets Group. and Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Margaret Spellings is the Secretary of Education. Her mission is to vouch that instruction is accessible to all immature Americans through the No Child Left Behind Act and undertake reforms to do instruction more adaptable and antiphonal in order to promote educational excellence among pupils and model them to be globally competitory. She has served as Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy where she helped explicate the No Left Behind Act and worked for six old ages as Senior Advisor to so Governor Bush where she implemented instruction policies. At every phase of her calling. Spellings has been engaged in instruction policy conveying hopes that every American possesses the cognition and accomplishments to go successful.

Condoleezza Rice is the Secretary of State. Her chief function is to advance American democracy by set uping good dealingss with other states through diplomatic negotiations and keep peace. security and development around the universe. She represents the US authorities in negociating peace in the Middle East. the riddance of atomic arms plan. the constitution of a democratic Iraq and Afghanistan. and beef uping confederations within members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Rice has a master’s grade in political scientific discipline and a doctor’s degree in international surveies. She received honorary doctor’s degrees from assorted universities. She was the President’s National Security Advisor. Director and Senior Director for the Soviet and East European Affairs in the National Security Council. and Particular Assistant to the for National Security Affairs. She similarly worked as Particular Assistant to the Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Federal Advisory Committee on Gender-Integrated Training in the Military. She has written books and articles on Soviet and East European foreign and defence policy.

Samuel W. Bodman is the Secretary of Energy. His function is to develop dependable. low-cost. and environmental-friendly energy through scientific find and technological invention at the same clip secure America’s atomic energy. With a grade in Chemical Engineering. Bodman served as Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology so became Technical Director of the American Research and Development Corporation. He was Deputy Secretary of the Department of Treasury and the Department of Commerce. He was besides President and Chief Operating Officer of Fidelity Investments. Furthermore. Bodman was Chairman. Chief Executive Officer. and Director of Cabot Corporation. He besides worked in assorted private and public owned corporations.

Mary E. Peters is the Secretary of Transportation. Her mission is to guarantee that Americans have full entree to safe. well-organized. and convenient system of transit that would better the quality of life in the state now and in the old ages to come. Having been with the transit for over 20 old ages. Peters has used her accomplishments both in the private and public sectors deciding transit issues.

She was the National Director for Transportation Policy and Consulting at an technology company where she formulated transit policies and enterprises. She served as contract decision maker. deputy manager for disposal. deputy manager. and manager at the Arizona Department for Transportation. Peters besides chaired the Standing Committee on Planning and the Asset Management Task Force for the American Association of State Highway Officials and subsequently headed the Federal Highway Administration.

Michael Leavitt is the Secretary of Health and Human Services. His undertaking is to safeguard the wellness of Americans by supplying quality wellness attention services to those in demand and guarantee that these services are accessible. transparent. and low-cost. He is responsible for implementing over 300 plans of the section from guaranting nutrient and drug safety to giving fiscal aid and services to low-income households to forestalling disease. Leavitt has a grade in concern and economic sciences. He served as Governor of Utah for three footings and became Chairman of the National Governors Association. Western Governors Association. and Republican Governors. He one time headed the US Environmental Protection Agency and was President and Chief Executive Officer of an insurance house.

Henry M. Paulson. Jr. is the Secretary of Treasury. He advises the President on economic and fiscal issues. promotes the President’s economic docket. and enhances at the same clip procure the economic growing in the state and around the universe to forestall economic crisis. He besides manages federal outgos and authorities histories. administers the aggregation of revenue enhancements. enforces revenue enhancement Torahs. and investigates revenue enhancement evaders. He earned his Master in business at Harvard.

He was a member of the White House Domestic Council being a Staff Assistant to the President and Staff Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense at Pentagon. Paulson joined the Goldman Sachs. an investing bank. where he rapidly rose from the ranks. He headed the firm’s Investment Banking Services. turned Managing Partner and co-headed the investing Banking Division. He so became President and Chief Operating Officer and continued to take the place of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Michael Chertoff is the Secretary of Homeland Security. His map is to procure America and its boundary lines. preserve freedom and protect the state from terrorist onslaughts. He is responsible for developing a web of operations that unifies national organisations and establishments to forestall and discourage terrorist act every bit good as to react efficaciously to other menaces.

Graduated magna semen laude from Harvard Law School. he foremost served as clerk to Supreme Court Justice William Brennan. Jr. He worked as US Attorney and First Assistant US Attorney for the District of New Jersey. and Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He was member of a Particular Counsel for the US Senate Whitewater Committee. He was besides a justice for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division at the Department of Justice where he investigated the 9/11 terrorist onslaughts.

Jim Nicholson is the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. As the voice of some 25 million war veterans. he oversees that the veterans are good taken cared of in footings of medical services. benefits. and acknowledgment for their attempts in functioning the state every bit good as support to their households.

After finishing his military preparation at West Point. he served as paratrooper and Ranger-qualified Army Officer for eight old ages. He fought in Vietnam where he earned several decorations including the Bronze Star Medal. Combat Infantry Badge. the Meritorious Service Medal. Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry. and two Air Medals. With a jurisprudence grade. he was elected vice-chairman and president of the Colorado Republican National Committee. He was appointed Ambassador to the Holy See in Vatican where he was knighted by Pope John Paul II for his plants in contending for spiritual freedom. human trafficking. terrorist act. and recommending AIDS consciousness and its remedy.

Alphonso Jackson is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. His occupation is to do certain that Americans have entree to affordable lodging without favoritism. develop the community. and increase the possibility for citizens to have their houses so as to advance economic growing. Jackson has a grade in political scientific discipline. a jurisprudence grade. and master’s grade in instruction disposal.

He was Director of Public Safety for the metropolis of St. Louis. Executive Director for St. Louis Housing Authority. manager adviser of services for Laventhol & A ; Horwath. an accounting house. and particular helper to the Chancellor of the Exchequer every bit good as helper professor at the University of Missouri. He became President and CEO of Dallas’ Housing Authority. Director of the Department of Public and Assisted Housing in Washington. D. C. . and Chairman of Redevelopment Land Agency Board for the District of Columbia. Finally. he served as President of the American Electric Power-TEXAS.

Richard B. Cheney is the Vice President. His primary function is to presume the presidential term when the president can no longer carry through his map due to decease. surrender or remotion from office. He is besides the president of the Senate where he oversees the legislative processs and may take portion during voting to interrupt a tie. The Vice President besides presides over the numeration of ballots of the US Electoral College. With a master’s grade in political scientific discipline. Cheney has a distinguished record as a populace retainer where he became Deputy Assistant and Assistant to former President Gerald Ford and subsequently White House Chief of Staff. He was reelected five times as congresswoman of Wyoming. He was appointed Defense Secretary where he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his leading during the Gulf War.

Rob Portman is the Director of the Office of Management and Budget. His undertaking is to help the President in fixing federal budget. put support precedences. and oversees the government’s procurance policy every bit good as disbursement programs. He served as US Trade Representative and congresswoman of the 2nd territory of Ohio where he was a commission member of the House Ways and Means and Vice Chairman of the House Budget. He besides worked as Associate Counsel to the President and so Director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

Ambassador Susan Schwab is the US Trade Representative. She is the main adviser. negotiant. and voice of the president sing trade issues. She formulates and manages the country’s international trade. trade good. and direct investing scheme. She besides oversees US trade dealingss with other states. She has a doctor’s degree in Public Administration and International Business. a master’s grade in Development Policy. and a BA in Political Economy. Schwab foremost worked as trade negotiant for the Office of the US Trade Representative and so Trade Policy Officer at the US Embassy in Tokyo. She was Director of Corporate Business Development of Motorola. Inc. She besides served as Dean of the University Of Maryland School Of Public Policy.

Stephen L. Johnson is the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) where he enforces environmental Torahs and ordinances to advance cleansing agent and healthier milieus. He has a BA in Biology and a master’s grade in Pathology.

He was Director of Operations at Hazelton Laboratories Corporation and Litton Bionetics. Inc. He besides worked as Deputy Director of the Office of Pesticide Programs. He has been with EPA for over 25 old ages as Assistant Administrator. Deputy Assistant Administrator. and Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator of the Office of Prevention. Pesticides. and Toxic Substances. He received legion awards for his dedication including EPA’s Excellence in Management Award. a Presidential Rank Award. and the Vice President’s Hammer Award for exceeding service.

John P. Walters is the Director for the Office of National Drug Control Policy ( ONDCP ) . His function is to beef up the America’s Drug Control Program by cut downing the usage of illegal drugs. drug-related offenses. and the industry and trafficking of such drugs in the state. He has a master’s grade in political scientific discipline. He was Assistant to the Secretary at the Department of Education during the Reagan disposal where he became the representative to the National Drug Policy Board and the Domestic Policy Council’s Health Policy Working Group. During his work at the ONDCP. he was head of staff for William Bennett and Deputy Director for Supply Reduction where he implemented the government’s anti-drug plans.

Joshua Bolten is the White House Chief of Staff. He manages the president’s agenda. set assignments for the president. and oversees the responsibilities of all employees in the White House. Bolten has an AB in Public and International Affairs every bit good as a jurisprudence grade.

He has served as General Counsel of the US Trade Representative. Deputy Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs. and International Trade Counsel to the US Senate Finance Committee. He was besides the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and the White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy. In add-on. he worked at the legal office of the State Department. Executive Director. Legal and Government Affairs for Goldman Sachs International. and Executive Assistant to the Director of the Kissinger Commission on Central America.


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