The seven commandments in Animal Farm Essay Sample

Interestingly. the seven commandments are important throughout the whole novel. as they provide the reader with a checklist which they can utilize through out the novel to see the unreliable behavior of the hogs. and the fact that they change the seven commandments multiple times throughout the novel shows their entire deficiency of ethical motives. ‘Muriel. reading over the seven commandments to herself. noticed there was yet another the animate beings had remembered wrong’ . The fact that the animate beings on a regular basis merely ‘read over the seven commandments’ shows the importance of the commandments to the animate beings. and the sum of regard they have for them. The hogs are decidedly the most intelligent of the animate beings. and they use this intelligence to pull strings and take advantage of the other animate beings on the farm by altering the regulations and commandments to accommodate themselves. no affair the cost and uncomfortableness of the other animate beings. The fact that Muriel believes the ‘animals had remembered wrong’ one of the commandments is dry to the reader. as the reader knows that the animate beings aren’t retrieving the commandments wrong the hogs maintain on altering them.

Additionally. near the terminal of the book the hogs have changed the seven commandments so many times that there is merely one which remains. and that one benefits the hogs. but makes life for the other animate beings of all time worse demoing the hogs maltreatment of power and their entire neglect for the other animate beings on the farm. ‘All animate beings are equal. but some more equal than others. After that it did non look strange that the hogs all carried whips’ . This concluding commandment seems really uneven. and does non do sense to the reader. as you can non hold ‘more equal’ animate beings. but because of the low intelligence of the other animate beings they feel it makes sense. and allows the hogs to make whatever they want. The clear use of words is absurd and is dark temper by Orwell to demo how if the general public is non really intelligence. the use of words by the regulating organic structure can warrant anything. The fact that the hogs now use ‘whips’ on the other animate beings seems dry to the readers. as the hogs have become harsher leaders than Mister Jones of all time was. and the ignorance of the other animate beings keeps them from seeing how bad the hogs have become.

To reason. the seven commandments are of great significance throughout the novel. as they help the reader to see how manipulative and selfish the hogs are going. and assist to sketch the ignorance of the other animate beings as even though they read the commandments daily. they put the alterations down to their ain memory.

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