The street children and their problems Essay Sample

A street kid is a immature individual. under the age of 15. who lives and slumbers in the streets. whose household ties are broken and who can’t or won’t return place. Street kids live in the streets without their households. Each kid has to larn how to last entirely. since no grownup takes duty of them. Often they are really immature and wholly ignored by their households. These kids don’t like to be called as “street children” . They live. or instead battle to last. they are normally in the downtown country. near Stationss and shopping promenades. topographic points. which are lit up at dark or in refuse mopess. in railroad Stationss or under Bridgess in most major metropoliss of developing states around the universe. To avoid being caught. street kids are the last to travel to kip and the first to acquire up: that’s why they’re frequently worn out. and can be found kiping during the twenty-four hours. They group together at dark. Amongst kids in the street. there are ; kids who work. kids from slums. blowouts and delinquents.

Other kids may pass most of their clip in the street. but maintain

certain nexus to their households. The differentiation between these two classs is non ever clear. but it is of import. Two separate societal groups decidedly exist.

Some states even deny the being of the phenomenon. in order to minimise the job or merely because the society is unfeignedly nescient of this. concealed issue. Frightened of establishments where they are ill treated. kids don’t want to be known or recognized. However. this is an inevitable phenomenon that there are tonss of kids working and populating in the streets and it has been a major concern for most of the states in the universe. It is an cosmopolitan phenomena. In order to salvage these kids and offer solutions. we have to get down by adressing their most despairing and pressing jobs.

First of all their immediate jobs. which require pressing actions. are ; hungriness. crud. disease. solitariness. delinquency. force of all sort. harlotry. etc. Finding things to eat is non the chief job for the street kids ; they portion their nutrient among themselves. However. many kids dice of malnutrition. as consequence of hapless eating wonts. All street kids complain invariably about crud. They have a difficult clip happening a topographic point to rinse their apparels. This is the ground that parasites and bugs ever infect the kids. Therefore. a safe and a clean topographic point where they can rinse their apparels is really of import for them.

Another vital job is the diseases. when street kids get ill. who takes attention of them? Where can they travel for intervention? The demand for intervention of the child’s psychological wellness is the other indispensable point. Loneliness is the greatest of the street children’s jobs. They no longer have their parents. nor any other grownup to speak to. no grownup is available to speak with. Besides bulk of the people look down on them and kids feel the indifference. We all need love. particularly little kids. Just a smiling can be plenty. The absence of love frequently. makes the street kid vulnerable and ready for all kinds of unnatural behaviour. such as larceny. drug dependence and harlotry. As a consequence. they are dealt with as wrongdoers.

On the other manus. they can easy come across with many people with bad purposes like. kid liquidators. madmans. sociopaths. bad police officers. etc. These are all frightens kids. particularly at dark. Then. over clip. the kids no longer experience fear. but become accustomed to all the environing force. even the most evil 1s. and finally go apathetic to the idea of decease. At this point. they may go violent or dice because of a psychological unwellness. “Eventually these lead to victimization ; sexual maltreatment and harlotry. substance maltreatment. assorted signifiers of labour development. They besides finally acquire involved in junior-grade offenses and stop up in the juvenile justness system. ”

Above all these. there are besides the nucleus jobs of the street kids. the most of import of all is illiteracy. they should all larn how to read and compose. Education is the cardinal to everything else. Furthermore. in order to be able to larn how to populate like other people. the kid has to be taught to acknowledge basic regulations of good and bad behaviour. Besides as it was mentioned before. deficiency of love is the cardinal job for them. like other kids they need a household. Therefore. every measure should be taken to return the kid to their household. If that is impossible. they should take safety in the Foster places “foster places which take in these kids on a voluntary basis” . ( Grant. 35 ) .

However. the most of import point which should be taken into consideration is that A street kid needs a safety from the many dangers of life in the street. “They need topographic points where they can take screen in an exigency and have person to speak to. Clearly. the chance of populating in such a topographic point non merely meets the child’s lower limit life demands but. in add-on. allows them to acquire to cognize other kids in the same state of affairs. which is another of the child’s indispensable demands. ” ( Smith. 18 ) . There should be caused an consciousness of the state of affairs of street kids and their demand for particular protection. “The rules should work hard and advance their rights and emancipate them from the agony caused by life and working in the street. ” ( Smith. 28 ) .

Furthermore. as it was mentioned before instruction is the cardinal word. so in order to offer some solutions for the street kids. primary instruction will be made compulsory. And the figure of kids traveling to pre-primary school will be increased. It is of import to cognize that instruction will mend most of their jobs and do their hereafter lives better. For case. to larn a 2nd linguistic communication will be a motivative force for them. In? anl? Urfa. a historically rich topographic point. bulk of the street kids are working as tourer ushers and earn their ain money. In order to gain money they have learned a 2nd linguistic communication. This is an of import illustration for actuating these stateless kids. They earn their lifes and in the average clip they introduce historical topographic points to the tourers. By the manner. this keeps them off from drug dependence. junior-grade larceny. offenses and etc.

Furthermore. as another solution. which was suggested by UNICEF. the authorities can construct little diggingss for these kids. These diggingss are called “foster homes” . The kids who are stateless should be responsible of their ain diggingss. They have to form the activities in the place. There should be basic regulations in these homes. for case. no stealing. no drugs and no prevarication. To present a sense of “family” . which is a important demand for these kids. each place can merely suit a limited figure of kids. In this place there is an adviser among the kids and a female cook who prepares nutrient for them. act as a female parent. since these kids have suffered from their mother’s absence. In these places. as in any household. the kid is housed. fed and clothed. But we’re careful non to make any excess demands. and the comfort degree should be at lower limit. If the kid makes the petition. there is the possibility of larning to read and compose or having occupation accomplishments developing. Schooling is cardinal. It is of import to cognize that. the kid remains there voluntarily.

If the kids change their head. they should experience free to go forth the housing. When a kid needs to be punished. the kids themselves organize that. excessively. Several places have even created tribunals. with kids as attorneies and the advisor as the justice. In order to cut down the opportunities of stealing. a little sum of pocket money should be given to the kid. Fortunately. by the clip they reach the age of about 16. immature people by and large want their independency. In a short clip. they can happen a occupation and get down to gain their life.

The last of import factor to be mentioned is the media ; they have their consequence on children’s personality and psychological science. Hence. in assorted media like wireless. telecasting plans. which are utile to kids. will be broadcast with the engagement of kids themselves. Children’s engagement in activities will be good for the development of their mental and rational capacities and this will promote them.

As a decision. while street kids receive national and international public attending. that attending has been focused mostly on the societal. economic and wellness jobs of the kids ; poorness. deficiency of instruction. AIDS. harlotry. and substance maltreatment. Not a batch of money is required to salvage kids from the street. few financess are required. The most expensive undertakings aren’t ever the most effectual. It is unbearable that these kids. even really immature 1s are populating and deceasing in the streets.

Therefore. every individual state on this planet Earth should offer and use solutions in order to do these kids members of the societal communities and give them shelters. The worlds differ from state to state. and solutions must be adapted to peculiar fortunes. But above all. these are the chief rules to be respected. “Today former street-children work as carpenters. drivers. welders. fishermen. mechanics. diesel-engine maintenance mans. upholsterers. computing machine technicians. some have courageously returned to work the land. and others prefer to go on their surveies and are really ambitious. Some are destined to go teachers” ( Baizermann. 78 ) .


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