Theme and tone in ‘Telephone Conversation’ by Wole Soyinka Essay Sample

Telephone Conversation was a verse form refering the racial favoritism between the Caucasian and African. In the verse form. the poet wanted to lease a house from the landlady originally. However. after he stated that he was African. the conversation turned to discourse the poet’s tegument colour fleetly and it lasted till the terminal of the conversation. . Repeat was used to stress on the issue of racial favoritism. ‘Dark’ was repeated to demo how much did the landlady attention about the poet’s colour. because ‘dark’ normally connects with the dark skin colour of African. The landlady was evidently know aparting other races. It could besides be shown from the inquiry she repeated inquiring. ‘are you light or really dark? ’After the poet told the landlady that he was African. the landlady’s tone changed at one time. Alliteration like ‘clinical. crushing’ was used to stress the coldness in the landlady’s tone when she knew the adult male was African.

Metaphor liked ‘spectroscopic’ was used to compare the landlady’s head with equipment which was used to judge a colour. The significance of utilizing this metaphor was to demo the landlady was eager to happen out what color the poet was.

Throughout the whole verse form. the poet used different techniques to demo how Caucasic discriminated the dark. He criticized it was non appropriate to judge a individual with his tegument colour. Alternatively. they should cognize each other through direct contact and interaction. ‘madam. you should see the remainder of me. Palm of my manus. colloidal suspensions of my pess are a peroxide blond. ’To conclude. the poet brought out the message that there shouldn’t have racial favoritism existed.

Tone in ‘Telephone Conversation’ by Wole SovinkaThe poet conveyed his feelings on racism through a telephone conversation with a landlady. The tone of the verse form was satirical and playful. He compared the instruction degree between himself and the landlady and expressed his choler towards this incident ; on the other manus. he besides mocked the landlady as his ain enjoyment.

Enunciation was used in two facets.

First. the poet used enunciation to show his choler. such as ‘red’ was repeated usage to stress the choler of the poet when the landlady kept inquiring him. ‘are you light or really dark? ’ . because ‘red’ normally associates with ‘burning fire’ .

Second. the poet used hard enunciation. such as ‘sepia’ . ‘brunette’ to diss the landlady of her ‘not every bit knowing as he was’ . because he knew the adult female didn’t understand what these words meant. really he was mocking the landlady and was wholly basking in it. This sort of irony added on to the dry tone of the verse form.

Imagery like ”Stench of rancid breath’ was used to demo the dissatisfaction of the poet towards racism. Since people would experience raging and unsated when they smelled something ‘stench’ and ‘rancid’ .

To reason. the poet carried a satirical and playful tone throughout the verse form. at the same clip. he besides expressed his dissatisfaction towards racism.

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