“Two Views of the Mississippi By Mark Twain” Essay Sample

At this attractively written article. Mark Twain has compared two different positions of a individual about the same topic. The topic in this article is the Mississippi River as a symbol of different characteristics. so natural and unpredictable. In a romantic position. this river is full of graceful and fantastic events and characteristics. Every minute of its scene has its ain colour. sense and beauty which fill the individual with joy and felicity. Even a dried foliage or a small line or rippling makes him bewitched. On the other manus he describes another sort of position. A position to compose remarks that are full of information without adverting any exceptional mark of beauty of this river’s scene ; merely warning and some helpful information to guid steamboats.

He has used smilies in some parts of his article. For illustration ; he has compared the individual foliage of the bough with a fire in the unobstructed luster which makes the scene more romantic and conceivable. and I think the chief point of position or subject of this article is about the sort of looking to different things. Everyone sees a topic from her point of position which sometimes leads to fring the beauty and thaumaturgy of that specific topic. As Twain says. We can look at the ruddy cheek of a beautiful patient as a physician to name the ground of her febrility while we neglect the beauty of her face.

Sometimes we behave like tools which don’t cognize what are they covering with. We merely do what we get used to make and hold to make. It seems that we are made to make particular things like automatons. We every twenty-four hours drive the same ways to our work while we are fring the beauty of trees or sunlight or mountain. Sometimes even our emotional functions in our life makes us bury the chief ground of those functions. Like those female parents who merely believe how to raise their kids while they don’t joy their children’s odor or beauty of their smilings.

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