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Virtues of a Perfect Bride by Chris Mount English 101 Dr. Mary Ann Kohli October 12. 2001 Chris Mount Dr. Mary Ann Kohli Eng 101 October 11. 2001 Virtues of a Perfect Bride In Dandin’s “The Perfect Bride. ” Saktikumara is seeking for forbearance. creativeness and a good sense of other virtuousnesss in a married woman along with her beauty. The definition of virtuousness is as follows: moral excellence and righteousness ; goodness and an illustration or sort of moral excellence. Saktikumara is looking for a married woman to make the day-to-day responsibilities around the house like clean. cook. and tend to Saktikumara’s of all time need. In his hunt for this perfect bride he gets laughed at but in the terminal he finds a miss whose name is ne’er reviled. Through out the narrative the miss proves that she has all the wifely virtuousnesss along with the beauty that Saktikumara is looking for in a married woman.

When Saktikumara eventually finds this miss her shear beauty amazes him. He goes on and on. from toe to head merely depicting how beautiful she is. “Her toes are pink inside ; the colloidal suspensions are marked with auspicious lines. of barley grain. fish. Nelumbo nucifera. and pitcher ; her mortise joints are symmetrical and the pess good rounded and non muscular” ( 136 ) . Get downing at her pess he now keeps on depicting her.

“The calves are absolutely curved and the articulatio genuss are barely noticeable. as though they were swallowed by the hardy thighs. The loin pregnant chads are exactly parallel and square and caducous lustre upon natess round as chariot wheels. Her venters is adorned by three creases and is slender around the deep umbilicus. even a small caved. The wide based chest with proud mammillas fill the full part of her thorax. Her Cu ruddy fingers. heterosexual and good rounded. with long. smooth. polished nails like glittering treasures. decorate custodies which show the happy marks of copiousness of grain. wealth. and vocals. Her weaponries which start from inclining shoulders and taper to the carpuss. are really delicate” ( 137 ) .

Saktikumara goes into great item about this girl’s organic structure. which leads one to believe that beauty has a really profound impact on happening that perfect bride. Obviously one would non desire an ugly bride. Saktikumara so describes the misss face with even more item.

“Her slender cervix is curved and dead set like a seashell. Her lotus-like face shows unblemished ruddy lips that are rounded in the center. a lovely and unabbreviated mentum. house but to the full rounded cheeks. dark brows that arch a small but do non run into. and a nose like a haughty sesamum flower. The broad eyes. jet black. dazing with. and ruddy brown. are beaming and stamp and profound and languidly rolling. Her fore caput is shapely like the crescent Moon. her locks darkly tempting like a mine of sapphires. The long ears are twice adorned. by a attenuation Nelumbo nucifera and a playful chaff. Her long. abundant. and fragrant locks are calendered black. every individual hair of them. and do non melt to brown even at the ends” ( 137 ) .

Yet once more Saktikumara describes the beauty of this miss. “When her figure is so beautiful. her character can non be different” ( 137 ) . Beauty. though non a virtuousness. is a major portion of what Saktikumara wants in a married woman.

Saktikumara has a trial for his possible bride to take to turn out she has the wifely virtuousnesss. The trial is to take two lbs rice and do a repast with it. The miss starts by rinsing up which proves she is scruples about being clean. “and eventually took all the rice grains out of the chaffs with out interrupting them” ( 137 ) . By non interrupting the grains proves she is soft and grips delicate things finely. “Then she said to her ayah: “?mother. jewelry makers want these chaffs ; they use them to smooth jewellery. Sell it to them and. with the pennies they give you. you must purchase good difficult firewood sticks. neither excessively dry nor excessively moist. a little sized pan. and two shallow bowls” ( 137 ) . Using the chaffs to sell and so purchase the things she needs to cook the rice shows her holding good economy and disbursement wonts every bit good as being conservative.

This last virtuousness is besides shown by selling the wood coal to acquire veggies. curds. oil and other things. The item she takes in fixing the repast and besides how she takes two lbs of rice and makes it a whole repast with veggies and all shows her creativeness. “Once he had brought her place. he ignored her and court a concubine ; the bride treated even that adult female as her beloved friend” ( 138 ) . Even though Saktikumara ignored his other adult female it was accepted in that civilization to make that. The miss was non covetous of this other kept woman. She even made friends with her. In the terminal she was made to be in charge of everything in the house by holding the virtuousnesss she did.

Saktikumara found everything he was looking for in a married woman. He found beauty from caput to toe. which led him to believe she must hold a beautiful personality. Her virtuousnesss of cleanliness. gradualness. and creativeness prove she is what Saktikumara wants along with being conservative. In the terminal she gets control of the whole house and looks after Saktikumara. “Thus. I say. a wife’s virtuousness is a man’s happiness” ( 139 ) .

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