What are the main problems experienced by young people Essay Sample

Young people are frequently told. “teenage old ages are the best old ages of your life – hoarded wealth it” . In town. happy groups of secondary and college pupils roam the streets. looking energetic and radiant. However. this is lone portion of the image. In Singapore. many jobs arise among adolescents. Annually. figures of depression rates among adolescents escalate and we can non assist but inquire what is going of this new coevals of immature people.

Life for many young persons of this new twenty-four hours and age involves a painful tug-of-war consisting of assorted messages. unanswerable inquiries. of emotions and incompatible demands from parents. instructors. friends and oneself. For young persons. this period of life involves go outing the sheltered period of adolescent goon and trust on others. and achieving maturity and independency. This period in life is attendant with many jobs. as young persons struggle to happen replies to life. and fit themselves into the community and society. In this essay. I will research the chief jobs faced by immature people today. the grounds they arise. and the possible solutions to these jobs.

First is a job that most young persons experience – equal force per unit area. The most common signifier of equal force per unit area is that which comes from friends. It ranges from the tiniest affair of name-calling and badgering. to the most utmost instances. whereby a adolescent is put under force per unit area to prosecute in activities that are deemed “cool” and hazardous. like imbibing or smoke.

In their teenage old ages. young persons consider visual aspect to be an of import component. They feel a great demand to be accepted socially. and to cognize they belong to a group of friends. Something young persons are really afraid of is being an castaway in their teenage old ages. ostracized and rejected by equals who think themselves of a higher high quality because of the hazardous activities they engage in. Thus few young persons live up to their criterions in fright of disaffection from friends. In an effort to do themselves appear “cool” . or in their command to derive popularity. celebrity and position. most youths give in to peer force per unit area and engage in these insecure activities which place their lives at interest. The effects of equal force per unit area can be lay waste toing. Drinking and smoke has already destroyed the hopes and aspirations of many young persons around the universe.

Covering with peer force per unit area is ne’er easy. moreover. the finding non to give in to peer force per unit area lies within oneself. What youths demand to recognize is that while their equals might be assist them in school assignment. aid in developing their endowments. and give them support and motive to win. there are equals that will act upon them to make things that will harm them. like smoking. losing school or shrinkage. Discernment is therefore indispensable in the devising of friends. and one has to cognize when a determination will be good. or destructive. One has to travel for “quality. non quantity” when doing friends. recognize that popularity is non really of import. and concentrate on developing strong friendly relationships with equals who have the same thoughts and values as oneself. and doing friends with those who would esteem one’s wants and individualism. The young person besides has to hold assurance and be able to do a base for what he or she believes in. and base by it.

Parents besides play an of import function in assisting their kids trade with equal force per unit area. A common ground why many teens succumb to negative equal force per unit area is that they aren’t certain how they feel about an issue or state of affairs. They need an grownup to be at that place to steer them. and assist them in decision-making. Parents therefore play a function in the publicity of self-awareness. and assisting them build assurance. Negotiations with their teens. inquiring them how they feel about things. will get down the procedure of assisting them research their true feelings about state of affairss. Through this procedure. teens will hold more assurance. and in a better place to ward of negative equal force per unit area.

Second is competitiveness within and outside of school. We have become a society of overachievers. pigeonholing losing. or non wining as bad. and is a stigma of imperfectness. Competition can take the signifier of a spice that keeps life interesting. exciting one to greater creativeness and success. However. most youths fail to recognize that competition can be toxic and a permeant life style.

Unhealthy competition affects one’s physical and psychological wellness. Competitiveness in school is really common – seeing their friends wining in school assignment will spur green-eyed monster within a adolescent who’s non making every bit good. and “winning” will be the lone thing on his head. Many teens are driven so severely by competition in school. that they get enveloped into work. pretermiting communicating with others. barricading out all other indispensable portion of life. like household and societal relationships. When driven excessively difficult. many adolescents suffer from dislocations and depression.

Competition besides takes topographic point at place. in the signifier of sibling competition and feuds. A kid might be pressured to populate up to the outlook of his parents. or run into the criterions that have been laid down by an older sibling. When one is unable to make so. the force per unit area will do him experience a sense of hopelessness. and therefore falling into turns of depression. Sibling competition can besides take the signifier of winning the love of parents. In many households. favoritism of kids is a familiar sight. In his teenage old ages. what a young person needs most is support and love from parents. Should their parents be unable to offer that support needed. moreover favour another sibling. it will do green-eyed monster and resentfulness in a young person against his parents. Intense competition ne’er fails to go forth permanent cicatrixs on a young person. even into his maturity.

To battle competition and overcompetitveness among young persons. schools do play a portion. They play a function in instilling the fact that while healthy competition is critical for one to keep a certain degree. unhealthy fight is non the lone manner to success. IN some schools. the system place ranking has been abolished. This is a good manner of hiding the winners. or underperformers. therefore cut downing specific competition with the top winner. Therefore. unhealthy competition can be eliminated. go forthing merely healthy competition. whereby the young persons will endeavor to make good ; yet without the presence of unhealthy jealous green-eyed monster.

Parents. alternatively of demoing favoritism. should do an effort to make an environment where all kids feel particular and alone. Comparison with other siblings should ne’er be mentioned. so that the kid feels no force per unit area to be every bit good as. or better than the other. There are many things parents can avoid making to forestall feelings of envy. like non taking sides in statements or delegating guilt to one peculiar kid. but being ever at that place for any kid. freely giving all the support and attention they require. While unrestrained sibling competition can be unhealthy. competition in siblings that is good molded and channeled. can learn youths how to accomplish their possible.

Last. a job that exists among young persons today is strained household relationships due to a coevals spread. The coevals spread is whereby parents and teens have different believing about things – from apparels and music penchant. to values and beliefs. Many parents lose influence on their teens and teens value equal sentiments above parents influence. Today. tenseness between parents and young persons is widespread within many households in Singapore. There are besides instances of teens go forthing their places and non returning for a few yearss because of sadness caused by this.

The tenseness and strain that exist come about because parents do non understand or back up their teens. and the teens. in their avidity to accomplish grownup position. resent the limitations placed upon them. Self-acceptance and tolerance of each other’s errors and imperfectnesss is non present in this relationship. and therefore causes teens to distant themselves from their parents. making an unbridgeable spread in the relationship. This causes a spread in the relationship. as both parties fail to understand. appreciate or place with each other. Teens constantly believe that their parents are excessively dying and overprotective. The spread in the relationship gives manner to tenseness and labored relationships. stoping with intense and het statements and wrangles over minute and unimportant things.

To work out this job. it requires a good attitude in both parents and teens. Youths themselves. should demo the needed filial regard to their parents. be understanding and esteem some determinations that their parents make for them. Parents should demo an attitude of regard and religion in the kid. The control they exercise over their kid should be done with understanding and sympathy. With this common trust in each other. the young person will see themselves the manner their parents see them. When given the trust to be able to do determinations. the young persons will step out into the universe and discover themselves every bit good as how the universe works. survive errors and hardship. learn from the effects and therefore beef up themselves emotionally and psychologically.

A method to follow in bettering household relationships is whereby the authorities organizes activities that will assist to better relationships and make a bond between both parents and young persons. constructing a span and eliminating the stereotyped thought of a “generation gap” .

All in all. strained household relationships. force per unit area from school and household and competitiveness lead to one chief job: emphasis. This is an increasing job among young persons in Singapore. as we see figures of depression and suicide rates among adolescents intensifying annually. Some teens become overloaded with emphasis. When it happens. inadequately managed emphasis can take to anxiety. depression and can yet once more lead back to drug or intoxicant use.

While emphasis can non be wholly avoided in this stage of teenhood. one can take control of his or her life. to cover with it and do it less painful. A simple manner of covering with emphasis is taking frequent remainders. exerting. taking clip off for oneself. and remaining composure in the face of troubles. Young persons can besides fall in a peer support group. which exists on the Internet. in schools and outside schools. This serves as a signifier of

Another of import signifier of emancipating oneself from the turnups of emphasis is through communicating. This communicating involves seeking aid. most suitably from parents. However. should at that place be a job with pass oning with parents. the young person can near person he or she trusts. like a close friend. This will let the adolescent to portion his loads with person. alleviating himself of a heavy burden.

On a final note. young persons do experience many jobs. nevertheless. we must recognize the major function that young persons will play in the future society. and take on a positive mentality on it. We must hold hope in young persons and the potency they have in doing drastic and valuable betterments to the community. Indeed. teenage old ages might non be the best old ages of one’s life. but the lessons learnt from the jobs and tests a young person goes through. should be treasured as a agency of assisting one to maturate and turn.

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